Social Media Bad?

I do think that our connected devices have a negative impact on us and here’s why. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) teen suicide rates jumped up between 2010 and 2015. According to the article I read  “Why the rates went up isn’t known.” and while the cause isn’t known for certain it is believed that rising social media use is the cause. So why is this happening? Well according to researchers “Social media posts showing ‘perfect’ lives is taking a toll on teens mental health.” Now that’s a scary thought isn’t that showing a good part of your life could take its toll on somebody else. So what can happen if somebody’s mental health is damaged? It can lead to mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and sometimes eating disorders. You may be thinking “Well what’s the difference between depression and sadness?” Well I’ll tell you. Sadness is a feeling you eventually stop feeling and feel something else. While depression is a damaging chemical imbalance in the brain that causes mental illness. The cause is feeling sad about yourself or being angry at yourself. While this can be cured it’s hard for people to ask for help especially when the person is heavily addicted to social media which is basically the easiest way to compare your life to someone else’s who seems better and put yourself down more. Still think social media is harmless listen to this, a study conducted between 2009 and 2015 showed that in 2009 58% of 12th grade girls used social media nearly or every day and in 2015 87% of 12th grade girls used social media nearly or every day. These girls were reported to be 14% more likely to be depressed than those who didn’t use social media as much. So stop thinking your kid is just talking to their friends and start really paying attention to them and what their doing because in doing so you may prevent something bad happening to your child that was caused by social media. There is a reason I wrote this I was assigned this in class but I thought it would be best to let more than just a few people see what I believe to be something every should see. Please take this all into consideration. I got all my research from Newsela the title of the article is: Teen suicide rates rising,study says social media maybe a factor.


Holiday post

The reason I chose this image is it reminds me of an easter tradition my family has. Every Easter my family wakes up early and goes to church. Afterwards we head home and sit around for about an hour.


Scientific words A-Z

A is for Argon a noble gas.
B is for Beryllium a hard grey metal.

C is for Cadmium a white metal.
D is for Dysprosium soft silvery white metal.
E is for Erbium a soft white metal.
F is for Fluorine a poisonous pale yellow gas.
G is for Gold a precious metal.
H is for Helium the lightest of noble gases.
I is for Iron which is a metal

J is for Jupiter which is the largest planet in our solar system.
K is for Krypton which is a colorless noble gas.
L is for Lead which was once used in paint.
M is for Vanadium a grey malleable metal.
W is for Watt a measurement of electricity.
X is for Xenon a dense noble gas.
Y is for Yttrium a silvery transition metal.
Z is for Zirconium a strong grey transition metal.


All About Spheros

Recently the technology class has been working with little robots called Spheros. I’m going to educate you on these robots. Spheros can range in how their shaped. They also have different designs for example you have the mini which is little harder to control or you can have the bolt which is the newest one and has a lot more functions like it has a little Led pad that you can program to say messages or have different designs. You can also program them to do for example obstacle courses by either doing regular block coding or you can draw out a path on your phone you want it to take. Though if you’re not a fan of writing code. That is perfectly okay because Spheros also have a drive mode where you can drive however or wherever you want. Now this makes them sound like toys but in reality they are very educational.If you get one and you can teach yourself along with your students. They teach you basic coding which you can expand on and you can move on to become excellent at coding. If you are a teacher they are an excellent way to get your students excited about learning to code. Take my class for example we knew we going to be coding and we weren’t exactly happy about it but when saw we would be coding the robots we were ecstatic. Now we’re coding and we love it because Spheros made it fun.Teacher may even learn something the Spheros you never know. I recommend getting one for more eager and happy students. To sum this up these are just all around useful robots no matter if your in school or out of school or teacher or student these robots are all around extremely useful and educational robots.