McDowell Wrapping Up Ancient Greeks

This year in our 7th grade social studies class we have recently been wrapping up the Greeks. The last thing we are doing before we start learning about Romans are centers. There is about 6 individual centers. For each center there is there is a group and in every group the is from around 3-5 people. In each center there are different Greek activities to complete. I think this was a great way to wrap up the Greeks.

One of the centers was about Greek literature. In that center all you had to do was play a game on the computer. In the game you would have to read the definition of a Greek root and find a word that used that Greek root. While you were doing that you would have to record the definition of the word that you chose and the Greek root on a piece of paper. Then after everyone in your group was finished you all would each pick a word and write down the word that everyone picked.

Another one of the centers was Greek mythology. In that center all you had to do was watch a brainpop video about Greek gods and goddesses. After you watch the video you had to go out to the library and find two books. One of them had to be fiction about Greek mythology and the other one had to be non-fiction. Greek drama and theatre were also one of the centers. I  that center you play a game where it would tell you all of the places in Greek theatre. After that you fill in all of the places on a piece of paper.

In the center Greek architecture your group and you would have to list materials that ancient Greeks would have used to build stuff. When you are finished with that you would’ve had to look up buildings with Greek columns. Up on a board at the Greek architecture center there were certain building that you couldn’t use for the ones that you had to look up.

The last two centers were build a body and stuff the brains. IN each one there would be different papers that would have clues. In the body builder center you had to read the papers and stick the answers to which body the paper came from. Then in the stuff the brains center there were four papers and each one had clues about different people. There was little slips of paper that would match the papers and you would stuff them into the brains of the people on the paper.

So after we finished all of the centers we are gonna have to take an assessment on all of them. I really think the ancient Greek centers were a really creative and fun way to wrap up the Greeks. I’m really excited to start learning about the Romans!


My Letter To Alex

This piece of writing is for the week 9 challenge for Edublogs. I am writing about a 17 year old coder. He is blind but still manages to go to school during the day and has a coding job at night. Alex is a very incredible person and very capable. So here is the comment that I wrote to him!


Hi Alex, my name is Jenna. I live in the US just like you! I am a student at McDowell middle school. I am in a technology class and we are learning about block coding. That is the only coding I have even done before. Is it anything like the type coding that you do? Do you have to use a special type of computer considering the circumstances? Also is it hard to do all of your school work and go to your job everyday? School for me is already hard enough I couldn’t imagine going to school and having a job. It so cool that you can handle both. I know that might not have much time for anything else but other than coding do you have any other hobbies? That’s all I have to say for now but if you have time you should come and visit my class blog! http://mcdowellmedia.edublogs.org/


Family Celebrations

                        Family Celebrations December 25th is my favorite holiday. It’s Christmas! My favorite thing about Christmas is the decorations. My mom always tries to decorate early, but my dad tries to hold her back at least until after Thanksgiving. Usually the day after Thanksgiving is when she starts to set up her decorations. The only bad thing about the decorations is that they stay up for a long while after Christmas.

Something else that my family and I do for Christmas is make cookies. On December 21st we make the cookies. The whole family comes over to my house. We usually make to cookie dough and cut them out with cookie cutters. My grandma buys sprinkle and my mom buys the icing. After we finish decorating the cookies everyone takes some home with them.

This year we are doing something new. My whole family and I are going to see fireworks and Christmas carolers at a college near by. I have never seen carolers before and I can’t wait! Carolers are people that go around singing Christmas songs for people. Sometimes carolers can go to people’s house and sing.I think it would be really cool to see them.

On Christmas eve my mom get my sister and me matching pajamas and we go see Christmas lights. We used to go to this house that’s really bug. The family would decorate the house and have people pay to go through to see the light. My mom told me that they donate the money.This year they aren’t doing the lights so we are just going to go around town and see them.

The next day which is Christmas day my brother sister and I open the presents from my mom and dad. A little bit later when we all get ready we go to my aunts house. We all open gifts from each other then we all go home. My family and I have great traditions for Christmas.

I got this image from www.pexels.com