Ohio State vs Michigan

The Ohio State versus Michigan game has been played since 1918 (99 years ago).  This rivalry game is a college football (American football) game.  Both sides are very passionate about their team.  It has been an very long grueling time of mean, words, gestures, and looks.  But in the end it’s the beautiful sport of football that brings us together. 

Time for an poll.  You will be asked to pick Ohio State or Michigan, and you could pick either one.  If you don’t know much about this than you don’t have to pick anything or you could pick the third answer, “I have absolutely no clue”.  The game is today at 10:30 AM (if you are interested in watching it).  And I know who I’m rooting for… GO OHIO!     

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Dogs VS Cats

     Hello! Today my blog post is going to be about the difference between dogs and cats and review the pros and cons of each of them.  I personally Prefer dogs over cats so I apologize if I favor dogs and choose sides in this post.

     Some of the pros pros cats is that it is SUPER easy to take care of them, I understand that you don’t want to be that crazy cat lady from the Simpsons but you could easily have a lot of cats with little work to take care of them.  One of the other pros but some people would consider a con is that if you have mice,moles, etc cats will take care of that.  Some of the cons with cats is that they are not nearly as affectionate or loyal as dogs. Another con with cats is that they will sometimes bring dead animal to your house and if you’re not looking you could step right on the corpse.  One more con for the cats, a lot of them aren’t very social

     Now some of the pros for dogs is that they always crave your attention and want you to be happy all the time, they are like little siblings.  Another pro for dogs is that there are different types to fit your preference.  One more pro for the dogs is that you can teach them tricks.  Some of the cons for dogs are, They are harder to take care of, for example you have to potty train them to use the bathroom outside.  Another con for dogs is that they are a lot louder, and the different breed you have the more or less it will bark, for example I have two guard dogs and they bark much more than  most other breeds, but a guard dog is also a pro because they protect your home.

     So there it is, Dogs VS Cats. I hope you enjoyed!


Image from-http://www.lustria-online.com/threads/poll-dogs-vs-cats.19637/page-2

Veterans Food Drive

     At McDowell we care about our veterans. November elventh is veterans day, this is a day for the men and women who have fought for our country.  Great right? Well, not really, there are over 100,000 veterans and their families here in Ohio that rely on food services.  The student council at McDowell decided that they wanted to do something about this.  So we did a food drive.  All the food goes directly to the veterans in Ohio. The food drive started on November third and went through November tenth.  We collected a lot of food for our local veterans and are continuing to bring in food.  I hope that even just the little we have done will help the veterans that need it.  


     On Thursday November ninth the McDowell Middle School is having a Veterans Day assembly.  We will be recognizing our veterans by having a guest speaker named Deb come.  Deb was in the military for six years.  She was a sergeant and very respected.  We really appreciate that Deb can come and tell us about her military  experience.  I think that Deb will make us think more of Veterans Day by the time she is done.  The food drive we are having here at McDowell is only one way that we can give back, there are many more ways to help the veterans that deserve more than the life they are living now. 

     On Veterans Day don’t forget about your veterans, thank them for what they have done.  Start a food drive at your school to help out your local veterans. Remember that every little thing counts.  Never forget what they did for us and how many sacrifices they have made for our country.  Don’t take for granted the freedom they have given us and how they have sacrificed their life for our country.  After all the sacrifices they have made they deserve to have a better life than this.  They risked their life for our country and yet they are living on food services.  There should not be 100.000 veterans in Ohio that don’t have food.  

My Dream School


My dream school would be an fun, but strict place.  There would be certain days every month where the kids would learn, but do it in a more fun way.  Such as play learning games, and do word bingo, etc.  I would have positive quotes posted all up and down the halls, and make it clear to always ask questions. I would also have anti-bullying propaganda everywhere.  Their would be security cams and security guards everywhere just to bring down on the threats and issues.  I would up the ante on security also because it would make the students feel more safe.  I would have bright colors everywhere.  I would have programs for students with special needs or are more prone to bullying, to be paired up with upperclassmen (older kid’s) to prevent bullying. I would have  an student designed menu (to an extent) and some days we would have something special.  We will also give out a treat to the kid’s that have been good during lunch.

Now we are to the strict part.  I would not make a lot of rules but for the few rules, if they are to be broken their will be very strict punishments.  Such as if you were to be caught bullying you will be either miss out on fun days and not get the treat at lunch for a certain amount of time, to being suspended or even expelled.  If a student/teacher is caught drinking or smoking on school property they will be expelled, and if they are a teacher they will be fired immediately.  If a student is rude or talks back to an teacher he or she will be issued detention.  This school will love and teach discipline so much that it will even have an ROTC ( Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) for fifth grade and up.   

This is my ideal school because it is a fun welcoming place but strict at the same time, and that is my kind of school.

Now for the poll question.  Would you rather keep you school that you have or have a completely different school of your design? Answer the survey here.

The Xbox One X

On this day, November 7th, the most powerful home video game console was released for sale.  This console, made by Microsoft, is a more powerful version of their four year old Xbox One console, which came out in 2013.  This new console, called the Xbox One X, is supposedly 40 percent more powerful than any other console on the market.  It has been said that this console is on the same level as high-end gaming personal computers (PC’s).  It is truly a feat of technological engineering in the console world. 

Now, down to the specifics.  However, before we get in to that subject, we first need to know what 4k resolution is.  Many televisions in peoples’ houses transmit with 1920 x 1080 pixels on the screen, simply called 1080p.  These horizontal and vertical lines of pixels add up to 2.1 million pixels on the screen.  4k resolution, however, contains 3840 x 2160, which adds up to 8.3 million pixels.  This increase in pixel count makes the picture much clearer than what it would be in 108p.  However, 4k resolution can only be achieved on a 4k television, which is much less common among American households than the traditional 1080p or 720p televisions.  However, games will still look better on your traditional televisions, so you do not necessarily a 4k TV unless you want to take full advantage of this console.   Now that we have that out of the way, we can finally get to the specifics of this monster of a console.

Source:  Microsoft

 Now, many of you reading right now might be thinking:  What does all of this nonsense mean?!?!?!?  Well, fear not, for I have the answers to your questions (I think…)  I have already told you what 4k resolution means, which is what many games on the Xbox One X will run at, but what does all of this other stuff mean?  Well, the six teraflop GPU gives the console the ability to easily run games at the resolution of 4k, and gives video games graphics more detail and realism.  The twelve gigabytes of GDDR5 RAM, which even I have no idea what it means or stands for, will allow for bigger game worlds, and further horizons.  Finally, the 326 gigabytes per second of memory bandwidth will allow for much faster loading times, which will make games more immersive.  This console, which is the most powerful console ever, is also the smallest Xbox ever, which is another engineering feat.  This console will also have a built in 4k blu-ray player, that lets you watch your movies in stunning 4k as well, while a 4k blu-ray player by itself can cost hundreds of dollars.  This brings us to our next important topic about this console:  The price.

     Upon release, this console will cost 500 dollars, which many people find to be too much for a console.  Luckily, you will not have to spend more money on new games or controllers, since normal Xbox One games and accessories will work on this console.  However, compared to the high end PC’s that I mentioned earlier, which can cost thousands of dollars, this console is a great deal due to the power that it has.  Another issue that this console could face is its rather lackluster amount of games that will take full advantage of this console at launch.  In order for a game to support 4k on this console, the video game developer has to update their game to support this resolution, which not very many best selling games are doing as of yet.

     Microsoft has said that this console is for the hardcore gamer who wants to have the best graphics and best way to play their games on a console.  However, casual gamers can still buy this console, but you should really have a 4k TV and the money to take full advantage of this console, which I do not have the money for right now, unfortunately.  Do you have the money though?  Will you buy this console?  Tell me your opinions in the comments.  Thank you for reading my blog post!  Bye!!!

Info from: https://www.xbox.com/en-us/xbox-one-x

Power of the Pen

Image result for power of the pen(Image credit to this website: http://www.northridge.k12.oh.us/News/211)

One of the things that McDowell Middle School offers is Power of the Pen, also known as POP for short. Power of the Pen is something that people who enjoy writing, or creating stories can do for fun, all while challenging themselves. Power of the pen usually meets every Wednesday and usually every Friday, as long as nothing interrupts us or our mentor is here.     

During those Power of the Pen meetings, the students, and myself, are given a writing prompt, whether it be a few words, or a detailed sentence explaining what it is we have to write about. After given the writing prompt, students have about 30-40 minutes on writing a story about it, and the mentor, when the story is finished, will “grade” it. The Power of the Pen way of grading a paper is not with A’s and B’s, but with three different writing levels, which are superior, the highest, honor, the medium, and merit, the lowest grading level. The highest score, superior, ranges from 100-94, honors range from 93-82, and the lowest ranges with 81-75.

After all of these study sessions, sometime in February, our mentor chooses a few students out of the POP program and sends us to the competition of writing. The competitions are basically the same as the sessions during school, but we only get about 40 minutes to write the prompt, and we are competing against other schools to see who can write the best story.

I, myself, haven’t actually done that well in Power of the Pen, unfortunately, my highest scoring story was about 5 superiors out of the 6 grading things, which are creativity, voice/unity, structure/ideas, figurative/descriptive language, paragraph/ sentence structure, and lastly, mechanics/spelling. Although, honestly, I don’t think that I would want to be chosen for the competition team, because I feel like I’d probably mess up if I was actually writing for something important.

A Night on the Town

Tonight at McDowell Middle School, Logan Elm’s junior/senior prom was held.  They created a runway with a lit up arch to lead them through a walk in the city, warming the hearts of those who pass through.  Tonight was a special night for Logan Elm’s juniors and seniors. The theme of the night was very fitting towards everyone’s feelings: A Night on the Town.  The junior prom committee has been working hard the past few days to transform the gym into a magical night of celebration.

Below is the creation of the beautiful scene of Logan Elm’s junior/senior prom.

What is Kabaddi?

My dad came to me a few weeks ago and told me the basics of the weirdest sport I’ve ever heard of- Kabaddi.  Kabaddi originated in ancient India, and it’s a popular sport in South Asia today. While it may seem a little complicated, the rules are quite simple.
There’s two teams of seven players, split off in a square arena. The game has two halves of twenty minutes each. The teams will flip a coin or use any other random method of deciding something to see who goes first. If your team goes first, you must send a “raider” across the center line. When the raider is in the other team’s territory, they must try to tag the other members of the team. Each player they touch equals one point for their team, but only if they make it back to their territory safely.
Here’s where the twist comes in, though: the raider must repeatedly yell “kabaddi” while in the other team’s territory. They cannot stop repeating the word until they cross the center line back into their own team’s territory. If they stop yelling or take a breath on the other team’s side of the court, no matter how small, they must return to their own side of the court, scoring no points. Plus, each member of the raiding team must raid in a sequence, and if they go out of order the opposing team gets one point.
But what if your team doesn’t go first? Well, your team has to defend. You are now “anti-raiders” or “stoppers”.  Your goal is to keep the raider from tagging you and crossing back to the center line. To do this, you can either run away from them until they run out of breath, or physically restrain them by tackling or grabbing them. The raider must not be grabbed by the hair or any body part other than the arms or torso.
Those are just the basics of the game. You’ll go back and fourth between raiding and defending for the two twenty minute halves, with a five minute break in between. I have never played it before, but it definitely seems like a lot of fun. To me, it seems like a game we would play in gym class or Phys Ed.

Thanksgiving with Keller!!

thanksgiving-turkey-ecardThanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because I get to see my family.  Some of my family lives in Fostoria, Ohio.  Every year we visit them and have an amazing meal. Usually we have of course turkey, stuffing, green bean cassarole, macaroni and lots of other delicous foods. I love to be able to spend time with my family that lives far away.  A lot of my relatives from my Dad’s side live in Fostoria.  All of my aunts, uncles and my grandma and granpa gather at my grandparents house to talk and enjoy the food.

I really enjoy getting to see my family. My Aunt Kim is so much fun to be with and we have the same artistic talents.  Also I have an Uncle Dave that is my Dad’s brother, they definitley don’t look anything alike but they sure act the same.  Ryan is my cousin’s name and he is so much fun.  Ryan is in college and goes to Michigan State but my brother and I have always been close to him no matter how much older he is. Finally my Grandma and Grandpa are my Dad’s parents and I love them so much because they love to spend time with my brother and I.  I’m so thankful to have all the wonderful relatives that I have and to be able to spend time with them.

Well I absolutley love Thanksgiving (not as much as I love Chrismas though) and all the things I do on that holiday. It is really nice to be able to see all my family that lives out of town. But remember be thankful for all the things you are able to have because even if you don’t think so other people might not have the blessing to have what you have.

Hey there I hope you enjoyed my post about what my Thanksgiving is like!!  I would LOVE to hear about what your Thanksgiving is like and what you do on that day.  Please go to the comments and tell me all about your Thanksgiving and I be happy to reply and read your comments.  Wait…Don’t forget to give me your URL so I can check out all of your amazing posts!!! Bye don’t forget to comment! 

This image is from: http://flashfunpages.com/ecards/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Thanksgiving-turkey-ecard.jpg


Mannequin Challenge

mannequinThe Mannequin Challenge.  This latest craze is sweeping across America with lightning speed.  Kids, adults, actors, athletes, performers, PETS, even the First Lady of the United States-have had their “pose” captured  with the Black Beatles (by Rae Sremmurd) playing in the background.

If you haven’t heard of this in the US, then you haven’t watched ANY news lately nor have you been on any social media.  After watching many versions of this challenge,  we decided that we just had to get in on the fun!  

So here are the McDowell versions of the Mannequin Challenge!

(If you’re outside of the United States, have you heard of this challenge?  If you have, we’d love to see your version!)