Awesome Blogs!

This week I was visiting other students blogs. I looked at about 10 blogs and these three stood out to me the most.

  1.  http://okozi.edublogs.org/45-2/
  2.   http://gvanp.edublogs.org/
  3.   http://eshipley2021.edublogs.org/

I liked the first blog because it had cool pictures. I liked the font and the topics Olivia writes about is interesting. There’s not many mistakes!

The second blog was written by George. His blog had cool pictures also. He knows a lot about the sport lacrosse so if you you want to learn about lacrosse I would recommend reading his blog. It is his post on the top.

The third blog was written by Emily. When I first got on it I liked it because the top is the color pink. Pink is my favorite color! She has a lots of writings that you can choose to read from. They are all the well written!

These three blogs had pictures, lots of writing to choose from and their were not many mistakes!


Thanksgiving Break

This year Thanksgiving was Thursday, November 22, 2018. Our school gets about a week off for Thanksgiving. I celebrate Thanksgiving by going to both my grandma’s houses. My Grandma Schein’s house and then my Grandma Wilson’s house.

When I first got to my Grandma Schein’s house we were watching the Macy’s parade until my cousins got there. After my cousins got there we went outside to play on the farm. They have three big barns in their yard! We went to the one filled with hay bales. When we figured how to climb three stacks high it was time to eat. Good thing we did not get stuck (it was much harder to get down than get up).

For lunch we had turkey, mashed potatoes and homemade cinnamon rolls that my aunt makes. Every year my Grandma makes pumpkin and pecan pies. She made 11 pies total! Then we went back outside to play kickball it was girls against boys!

My Grandma and Grandpa have a creek behind their house. When we got to the creek we were walking right along the edge so everyone’s shoes got super muddy. After we got back up we played hide and seek but that did not last very long because there are tons of places to hide on the big farm. Then we went back to the barns and hay bales. When we were jumping back and forth and making obstacle courses we found a dead cat! We were super sad and grossed out because the face was all bloody. We named it Pumpkin and we dug a hole and barried it right away. After that it was time to go home and it was pitch black outside.

The Wilson Thanksgiving was during the big Ohio State and Michigan game. I did not watch a lot of it because I was busy playing with my cousins. My Grandma and Grandpa are vegan so sometimes so my family brings meatballs because we are not vegan. I helped out my grandma by putting ice and water in all the cups. My Grandma and Grandpa have 19 grand kids total so a lot of people were coming over. At their house there are three tables. A table for boys, a table for girls, and a big table for the adults. After we were done eating we cleaned up and went outside. We were not allowed to walk back to the pond like we normally do because it was too muddy and wet outside.

Instead me and some of my cousins decided to walked up and down the long lane a bunch of times. The rest were inside playing board games or watched the football game. Then we played sardines inside. Then we went back outside and did line dances in the garage and played kickball. When we were done it was time for supper and then we had to say goodbye. That is what I did on my Thanksgiving break.

                                     What is your favorite holiday?


Student Blogging Challenge A-Z science

Atoms– the basic building blocks of ordinary matter.

Biology- the study of living organisms.

Chemistry- combine, and change; and the use of these processes to form new substances.

Data- facts that are learned from experiment of graphs.

Experiments-a scientific procedure to prove a hypothesis.  

Facts- a piece of information used as evidence.

Geology- science where people study earth’s structure and history.

Hypothesis- an educated guess.

Igneous rock- a rock formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava.

Jupiter- a planet in outer space.

Kilogram- unit of mass.

Lab- short for laboratory.

Matter- physical substance.

Nitrogen- a chemical element and a gas.

Observe- notice or look.

Physics- science that deals with matter and energy.

Quantum- a quantity of energy.

Research- studying materials and facts.

Solution-solving a problem.

Telescope- an instrument used to look at far away objects up close.

Universe- all existing matter.

Volcanology- a mountain or hill filled with lava.

Weather- the state of the atmosphere at a place and time as regards heat, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain, etc.

X-ray- a photographic or digital image of the internal composition of something.

Yttrium- a chemical element.

Zoology- study of behavior of animals.



Basketball tryouts were this week!

Attitude is key.

Sports are awesome to play because you get exercise and you get stronger.

Kindness is a good quality for teammates.

Elbow, where the foul line meets the key.

Talking and letting people know where you are is important on the court.

Ball handling skills are vital!

Always listen to the referee and your coach.

Lay-ups, one of the most important skills. MAKE THEM!

Love it!