McDowell Spring Sports

McDowell Middle School has recently finished up Winter sports and is springing forward into the season of Spring sports (See what I did there?). McDowell offers baseball, softball, and track and field to students in the spring sport season. The baseball and softball teams will each have separate grade level teams, (7th and 8th) and track combines both grades. Spring sports are a great opportunity to get involved and have fun at the end of the year.

Baseball and softball tryouts began on February 25th for both sports. The rosters for baseball and softball are at the bottom of this page. Their first games will be at the end of March. Schedules and rosters for all sports are on McDowell’s website under each sport link located on the sidebar.  If you are interested in track and field, there were no cuts made, athletes just had to show up at the first few practices to be on the team. Track and field offers multiple events that athletes can participate in such as pole vault, long jump, shot put, discus, and obviously sprints and long distance races. McDowell’s Spring sports are all fun to participate in and so let’s hope it’s a dry Spring That’s a preview of McDowell’s spring sports.



Week 9 Coding Challenge

Hi, My name is Carson and I’m really enjoying the Student Blogging Challenge. My google site, carsonle2024 is full of good posts about random stuff and all the blogging challenges that I’ve done. This weeks challenge was coding and I wrote this entire post in the “text” tab in the blog dashboard. I have never coded before but there’s coding for every computer that people use. Some codes are simple like what I typed this in, but others can be complex like Java, and I don’t even know enough about it to tell you but go find out yourself. Coding absolutely boggles my mind most of the time but I’m beginning to understand it better. Be sure to Comment and Ask Questions and if you have tips and are interested in coding, give me some ideas of how to learn better in the comments here and on my site. I also took a screen shot of my code that made this post so you can see the things I used liked italics and bold that can be expressed and you can learn how to code on task three on the Student Blogging Challenge. Happy Blogging!


Holiday Traditions

In my family we celebrate many holidays throughout the year such as Easter, Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, and many others. One of my favorites (other than Christmas because everybody likes it) is the Fourth of July. As the title says, the holiday takes place on July fourth and is celebrated for the independence of our country on July 4, 1776. The Declaration of Independence was signed on that day and sparked the beginning of America’s independence and because of this, it is a national holiday, not an international celebration.

On the Fourth of July, my family has recently started a celebration of camping with a combination of friends at one of the famous Great Lakes, Lake Erie. The place where we camp is approximately a 3 hour drive from our house and is well worth the journey. Four other families and ours camp at a private campground and have three campers and two boats. Each family contributes to the fun. My family in particular has a boat that we tow to the lake and use for the weekend of the holiday. Usually each day we go out on the lake and go to the islands around the lake and sometimes ski. Occasional weather can prevent us going out because there can be up to ten foot waves and larger on windy days. Most of the time we hang out and swim by the boats in the bays and eat and drink pop. Also, on the night of the fourth, we drive out into the harbor and watch as multiple stunning firework shows (that would cost a fortune) explode around us and display the freedom of our country.

The other great tradition is the yearly shrimp boil that may be the most delicious meal ever. It is a perfect meal for a hot summer day and is basically a large boil pot set over an outdoor propane stove and is cooked in water. The number of different foods in the meal is outrageous. It contains shrimp, potatoes, clams, oysters, corn on the cob, kielbasa, and smoked sausage. To eat this combination, “the dads” strain the water and dump the meal over a picnic table with a tablecloth and many paper towels, much like a buffet. I fill up my plate only to see another round of food being dumped on the table. It makes the holiday even better with such good food that I can enjoy every year as well as fireworks, camping, and having fun with friends.


Veterans Food Drive

McDowell Middle school is currently involved in a county-wide veterans food drive, sponsored by student council. It started on October 22nd and is open until Veterans Day on November 11th. Any canned or packaged food will be accepted in the boxes in the cafeteria. We are competing between seventh grade and eighth grade to see who can collect the most. The winning class will receive a free period at the end of the day with other undecided prizes during that time. Be sure to put the food you donated in the correct box, each labeled eighth and seventh in the cafeteria. Also remember, last year McDowell was very successful with the food drive. The school collected the most in the state! This has set a high goal for this year and we hope to do even better!

There are veterans in our county that do go to sleep hungry each night and this is the purpose of our food drive. Our goal is to feed all veterans that served our country to keep us free. It is important to thank them for their service by giving them food and hope. It is easier than you think to go to your cupboards, clean out the foods that maybe you don’t want, and give them to a cause that is more helpful than you think. Especially in this food drive that is competitive and has a fun reward that is easy to win by simply collecting food. So make sure to bring in food for the McDowell food drive by Veterans Day (November 11th), and remember it’s for a good cause. 

Image provided by Pixabay.