Mrs. Ross’s Science project

                In Ross’s class yesterday we did a project where you build a ramp and find the speed and time of a toy car going down that ramp. Today, we got the choice to increase the height of the ramp or the mass of the car. You may be able to tell that my group chose to change the height. Once we got our data table filled out we decided to take some videos of some races and some cool slow motion videos of the cars going down the ramp.



tumblr_myttzeorvp1rys0oso1_1280Longboards have been around way before Tony Hawk or even Christian Hosoi were carving up huge halfpipes. Longboarding and skateboarding evolved from surfing and longboards were kinda like the first type of skateboard. Longboards were originally invented in Hawaii and grew into California where they then grew to the rest of the United States.

The longboard is pretty much described by what the word what the word looks like, a long skateboard. They are often faster because of their wheel size. They are used for cruising, slalom racing, sliding, long distant racing, transport and downhill/bombing. Downhill/bombing is the most extreme version of longboarding where riders go down long hills at the fastest speeds possible. As skateboarding evolved, boards became shorter and smaller in order to preform the new tricks of that time period. Throughout the 80s, longboarding became less popular as modern skateboarding continued to evolve into its own sport.

Longboards started to reclaim popularity in the 90s as the popularity of snowboarding was growing. You’re probably thinking that longboarding has nothing to do with snowboarding but they helped one another grow. they both grew because as snowboarding became popular snowboarders got bored in the summer so they took to longboards. The longboards helped them recreate the feeling of snowboarding and longboarding was an excellent way to keep working on their balancing and coordination skills. Nowadays you see people longboarding, or street surfing, across school campuses, cities, and downtown areas all the time.

I am a longboarder myself and it is pretty exciting especially when you’re going down a big hill. It can be a little scary sometimes because it’s hard to keep a perfect balance and if you don’t the longboard will start to wobble and you most likely will fly off of it. All in all longboards are an awesome use for transportation and are all around fun to ride. If you haven’t experienced the thrill of riding a longboard you should definitely go and try it out.

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