Decades Day

At Mcdowell this week,we are doing Spirit Week.  Today, Thursday, just happened to be Decades Day, where you could dress up from any decade that you want.  Some students around the school dressed up in different times like the 60’s,70’s,and 80’s, while the art teacher Mrs. Helsel went above and beyond, and pictured also (left to right) are Maris, Jerica, and Andrew “Harambe”.

Jose Fernandez

  29e9830d-b31a-4246-998c-6ca6f5a73ee8-20150417Recently, on Sunday, September 25,  Miami Marlins ace Jose Fernandez was killed in a boating accident.  The news was shocking, and his club‘s game with the Atlanta Braves was cancelled.  Along with that, there was a league-wide moment of silence for the young hurler.  At age 24, Fernandez was showing promise in his young career.  In the last game he pitched, he went 8 innings giving up only three hits, no walks, no runs, and struck out twelve batters.  For the young Cuban, his path to the Major Leagues was like a Cinderella story.  He was not rich in Cuba, but came to pitch in major league baseball making 2.8 million dollars as his salary.  He made his Major League debut in the same year he got his citizenship.  That´s coincidental!  Luckily (at least to me), when he died, he did not drown, but rather died on the impact of the crash.  I personally liked Fernandez, as did major league baseball.  May he always live in our hearts.