The Giver

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the language arts classes at Mcdowell were watching the movie, The Giver.  For the past few months, we have been reading the book The Giver.  We finished the book a couple of weeks ago, that is why we were watching the movie.

Winter Activities!

Have you ever been stuck at home on a snow day with nothing to do?  Well today I am going to give you some ideas for things you can do.

Obviously there are the simple things to do that people have loved for many years including a snowball fight, building a snowman, and going sledding.  These things are fun to do and easy to do if you are snowed in somewhere, but here are some more things you can do if you are stuck somewhere that are less common:  If you have a tube of bubbles and the temperature is below freezing, go outside and watch the bubbles freeze in the air.  You can also play tic-tac-snow, all you have to do is draw a tic-tac-toe board in the snow and find some twigs to be X’s and pine cones to be O’s.  This next thing you can do as a competition with your family!  You draw a large circle in the snow and each person takes a turn from a certain distance away from the circle and tries to throw their snowball into the circle.  The last thing you can do is snow graffiti art.  All you have to do is fill some spray bottles full of food colored water and make whatever design you want on the snow.

Now I am going to tell you some things to do if you don’t want to do stay-at-home activities.  You can go to a large hill and go sledding down it.  You can rent snowshoes and go snowshoeing.  You can also go somewhere to ski or go tubing.  All of these things are great things to do because they keep you active during the winter.

Sometimes on a snow day you just want to stay in the warmth of your house and not go out into the freezing temperatures.  Here are a few things you can do while you are stuck inside:  You can have a movie marathon and even set up a popcorn bar to enjoy while watching the movies.  You can have a baking day and warm yourself up with some fresh out-of-the-oven treats.  You could also invite over some friends or family and make an indoor fort to relax in made out of blankets and chairs.  Something great you can do on a winter day stuck at home is workout.  If you have a WII or something you can pretend like you are skiing which will get you a great workout.  If you want to do a fun easy activity, just play a board game with your family.  Lastly, you can have a lazy day to just curl up under a blanket with some hot chocolate and take a nap.

Those are some fun things you can do on a snow day.  I hope I gave you a new idea or something extra to do while you’re sitting at home on a snow day this winter.

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Veterans Day

veterans-day-imageVeterans Day is a day dedicated to remembering and celebrating the memory of the veterans who sacrificed themselves for our country.  Veterans Day hasn’t always been known as Veterans Day.  The day used to be called Armistice Day but that was changed in 1938 because the word Armistice only referred to those that fought in World War One.  By 1938 World War Two had already happened so the 83rd U.S. Congress removed the word Armistice and replaced it with the word Veterans.

Veterans Day was set as a legal holiday on November 11, 1918 right after World War One ended, that is when it was called Armistice Day.  The reason that Veterans Day used to be called Armistice Day is because on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 an armistice, or a truce, was called between Germany and the Allied nations. 

In 1968, a Uniforms Holiday Bill guaranteed a three day weekend for four national holidays on Mondays for federal employees.  The four national holidays were: Veterans Day, Columbus Day, Memorial Day, and Washington’s Birthday.  Many states did not agree with the decision to get Mondays off for these holidays and would celebrate them on their original dates. On September 20, 1975, President Gerald R. Ford signed A law  to make Veterans Day always on November 11th beginning in 1978.

On August 4, 2001, a law was passed making November 11 through November 17 National Veterans Awareness Week.  During this week, schools must educate their students about the contributions made by the veterans.

Many people get Veterans Day and Memorial Day confused but there are actually quite a few differences between them.  The main difference between the two holidays is Memorial Day is remembering those who died in war, whereas Veterans Day is honoring those who have fought for our country whether they are dead or alive.

Hopefully you have learned something about Veterans Day in this post, to learn more click here.  Also, if there is anything that you know about Veterans Day that you would like to share please comment it below!

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