Accelerated Reader (AR) Goal Race


    In Language Arts class at McDowell Middle School we have a program called Accelerated Reader. This program is where you have to reach a certain amount of points or reach a goal by the end of the each nine weeks. Usually in 7th grade you have a pretty low goal the first nine weeks then it gets higher as you go throughout the year. So how this works is you get a book from anywhere and go to a website that tells you how many AR points it is worth. After you read the book you go to the same website and take a ten question multiple choice test. Depending how good you do on your test the better score you get. So for an example if you had a eight point book and got a 10/10 on your test you get the whole eight points!

    So far this year we have had most of the students complete their AR goal. Mrs. Caudill and Mrs. Binkley have a chalkboard that you write your name on after you are completed with your goal. At the end of the nine weeks they look at who all got their AR done and see what class has the highest percentage. This nine weeks fourth period won the race with a percentage of 96%!

    In conclusion, even though some kids don’t like AR it is always fun to see who comes out on top. Maybe my period will win this upcoming nine weeks!

Inspired To Be Creative



    At McDowell Middle School, each semester students in seventh grade have impact classes, technology or art.  The first half of the year I took technology and now I’ve started in art class.  Here is some information about art class.


      Art class is just not about drawing and painting, you also learn history and vocabulary. So far this semester we have learned about cavemen and cave art. We have talked about how the cavemen created these types of art. For example, we have learned about Room Of Bison, dated between 15,000-10,000B.C. The style was primitive cave art and it was found in the Altamira Grotto in Northern Spain.

     We have also learned how to do a blind contour drawing and a partial look contour drawing. A blind contour drawing is where you look at a picture and do not look at your page while drawing (You can’t even peek!).  A partial look contour drawing is a where you can partially look at your drawing but most of the time your eyes are looking at the object.

     For vocabulary we usually have three to four words each week. We learn the definition and look at examples on the board while our teacher, Mrs. Helsel explains it to us. Some of the words we have had are hue, intensity and color scheme. One other thing that we do in art class is a thumbnail sketch. Now a thumbnail sketch is not a picture of a nail, it is a little drawing of the picture you are learning about.

    Although we are doing a lot in art already, here is something I want to learn in class in these upcoming weeks. I want to improve my drawing skills. I’m sure I will improve with techniques with lots of practice.

    McDowell has a great art program.  It’s fun having an interactive class where each student can use their own imagination while learning specific techniques. I’m sure this will be a great class where I’ll learn while expressing my creative side!


My Ideal School

     If I had my ideal school it would be perfect. Here are some ways I would make my school ideal for myself. In my ideal school we would have school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday but not Friday. We wouldn’t have school on Friday so kids get a three day weekend so they could spend it with family and friends.  To make things perfect for me I would have school start at 9:30 a.m. and have the kids go home at 2:30 p.m. I would have it start at 9:30 so kids have enough time to sleep and get ready on time and not be rushed in the mornings. I feel like 2:30 would be a good time for kids to go home because it gives them five hours of school and to me that is enough time for school. For school subjects we would have LA, ADV LA, Math, ADV Math, Science and Social Studies. We would also have special classes like choir, band, technology and art. The advanced classes would be for students that just learn a little bit faster than others and the regular classes are for students that learn at their own pace. For kids that need extra help they could get a tutor for no cost and stay after school for one or two hours until they understand what they need to do. 

         In my ideal school we would have amazing food. Everyday we would have something different. We would have food such as chicken noodle soup, sloppy joes, grilled cheese and a little dessert to go with it. The price for all this food would be one dollar so if kids don’t have food at their house they can buy school food for a cheap price. For every holiday we would have a big feast with food such as turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn. It would be so good that everyone would be stuffed and not hungry for the rest of the day.

      In my ideal school we would offer sports. These sports would be softball, basketball, tennis, track, baseball, football and lacrosse. All sports would cost $50.00 each and that would pay for their uniforms and the rest would be donated to the school. Games would be through the week. Practices would be right after school and only till 4:00, so kids could have time to homework. This is my ideal school. I think students will have a fun time going to school and also doing work at the same time. I really hope this becomes a real school some day!(Image from

Brave Builders

This year at Logan Elm, our counselor Mrs. Bunting chose me to be in the Brave Builders Club. This club is all about spreading positivity throughout the school year. So let me tell you first about what it means to be a brave builder. Being a brave builder means that you want to help people and you want to spread positivity not because you are told to but you want to do it. It also means that you care about your school and want to make it better. Second, I want to tell you about what we do in this club. We have only had a couple meetings so far but here are things we have done. We have made posters with inspirational quotes and have hung them on the walls. We have also went to the art benches outside of our school and painted pumpkins for our booth at the Pumpkin Show this year. At this last meeting we have made posters for drug free month. I am really excited for things that we are doing in these upcoming months like, making card for Valentine’s Day and tie dying t-shirts. Lastly, I want to tell you why I like this club. I like it because we do a lot of fun things and I like helping people and having a fun time doing it. I also like it because it gives me something to do and something to look forward to. In conclusion this club is really fun. I feel like this club gives students an opportunity to do something good for other people and enjoy having a fun time with friends and doing things for our school at the same time. Like I said I am excited for things we are doing in these upcoming months and I hope we can make this school year fun! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog! If you did enjoy it leave me a comment below and I’ll see you later!