Ready Player One Book Review


By: Jude. S


On March 29, 2018 the movie Ready Player One will be in theaters. It is based on a book written by Ernest Cline. The book takes place in Columbus, Ohio following a boy named Wade Watts who lives in the stacks (stacked up RV’s in a wood construction). He spends all his time in the OASIS which is a on

line VR world with endless possibilities: school, gaming, talking to friends, you name it. The creator of this world, James Halliday, has just passed away. He left a video recording that made the world go crazy. It said that he has hidden easter egg within the OASIS and whoever finds them owns the game and inherits his fortune. Wade Watts is an admirer of James and has read, watched, and played everything played in James’s almanac which is mostly from the 80’s. Wade’s quest is to find the easter eggs through mind puzzling riddles and challenges  before anybody else. The book is filled with action, secrecy, and the intensity for the hunt of the eggs.  When I read this book I could not put it down. Anybody who loves video games or love the 80’s should read it. When I read this book I think of the possibilities and the future yet to come.

Bring It Back

  From 2nd to 6th grade I had PE (Physical Education). It was a fun class where we got exercise and learned new games. Now that I’m in 7th grade, I don’t have PE anymore, but McDowell 7th graders used to have it  Physical education should be brought back to give 7th grade students exercise, to have fun, and teach us to be a good sport.                                               

PE really helps us burn fat when we are sitting all day in class and at home. When people sit they are slowly decreasing their amount of LPL (lipoprotein lipase) that helps burn fat. Being active burns more fat and helps maintain a higher amount LPL. PE keeps kids in shape. In this era, there is an obesity epidemic, not many kids are getting exercise and isn’t getting up and moving around. That is a reason why I would want PE in 7th grade.                                             

PE is really fun. Most of the time when I was in PE, we played dodge ball or kickball sometimes.  No matter how many times somebody got out or tagged they always looked like they were having a good time during the game. It’s good to have a good time playing fun games so we can appreciate life and our friends because we couldn’t play the game without that, right? It would be very sad if you played dodge ball by yourself. Fun is actually good for the body. It gives you more energy and really decreases your stress levels. This is, of course, another reason why I would bring PE into 7th grade.                                                                             

Being a sore loser is no fun, it embarrasses you and makes your friends not want to play with you anymore and it’s the same when you are a gloating winner. I want PE because it teaches kids not to be a sore loser or a smug winner.  Kids will lose or win a game almost every day so you get used to it so you don’t get mad or smug about it. Even if they are still sore or smug, I’m sure someone will call it out.  That is my last reason why I want PE in my 7th grade.                 

Physical education needs to be in 7th grade at McDowell. 7th graders need this so kids can get exercise and live longer. This is what 7th grade needs.

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