Cinnamon Rolls for Good Grades…Yum!

It is always nice to get a reward for hard work, right? On January 19th, students who made the honor roll were rewarded with a special breakfast.  The honor roll breakfast is given to anyone who got only A’s or B’s on their report cards. The breakfast served was a cinnamon roll with chocolate or white milk and orange juice. 132 students attended the breakfast during our first or second class of the day. The students on the honor roll also get a star with their name on it presented on the wall next to the entrance of the school so everyone could see their achievement. McDowell hosts this breakfast once every quarter and there always seems to be even more students than last time. It helps to give students something to earn for their grades, because who doesn’t want to take a break from school to have fun with friends?

The Importance Of Sports In Schools

     In my school, lots of sports are offered. In the fall McDowell offers sports like Football, Cheer leading, Cross-Country, Volleyball and Soccer. In the winter we offer Basketball for both boys and girls and Cheer leading. In the summer we have Softball, Baseball and Track.

     Lots of kids are involved in sports and make it an important part of their life. I personally do Cheer for Fall and Winter. In the video below I interviewed two other student-athletes. In the video I interviewed Kaitlyn, who plays Volleyball.






Rick Riordan Biography

My favorite author without a doubt is Rick Riordan ( his full name is Richard Russell Riordan Jr.) . He wrote the Percy Jackson And The Olympians series, The Heroes Of Olympus  series ( my personal favorite), The Kane Chronicles and many more. He is currently writing the Trials Of Apollo series and the Magnus Chase series. He was born on June 5, 1964 in San Antonio, Texas. He has two sons, a wife and a Basenji terrier mix named Speedy. Out of all his books his favorite characters are Grover, Bes and Tyson.


Rick Riordan inspired me to want to be a writer. He inspires me because he takes things that not very many people know about and makes it into an adventure(The first time I read his work I was in fourth grade and I was so excited to find out that he had so many series that I could read). He makes it something no one can call boring. He also includes sarcasm and humor into his books to make them funny.


One of his series, Percy Jackson and Olympians, is about Greek mythology. The main characters names are Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Grover ( he doesn’t have a last name because he is a satyr who lives at Camp) and others. Camp Half-Blood is a safe haven for demigods ( or half bloods), which are offspring of a godly parent and a mortal parent. Percy and Annabeth are both demigods. Percy’s dad is the god Poseidon and Annabeth’s mother is the goddess Athena.


Rick Riordan came up with the idea to write the Percy Jackson And The Olympians series ( or PJO for short) when his oldest son was diagnosed with ADHD. According to Rick   “making Percy ADHD/Dyslexic was my way of honoring the potential of all the kids I’ve known who have those conditions. It’s not a bad thing to be different. Sometimes it’s the mark of being very, very talented. That’s what Percy discovers about himself in The Lightning Thief.” ( The Lightning Thief is the first book in the series) Rick’s son was always interested in Greek mythology and always asked his dad to tell him Greek myths, but Rick had ran out of stories to tell him. So one day when he was tucking his son into bed, he told him a story about a ADHD demigod with amazing water powers, this demigod was Percy Jackson. Then every night his son would ask to hear more about Percy and his adventures and Rick would make up more stories about Percy. One fateful day Rick decided to turn these stories into a book about Percy and it later turned into a series. The series is continued later and introduces Roman mythology in the Heroes of Olympus series ( or H.O.O for short).


Thank you all for reading! This is my second post for McDowell Media and I hope you read my first post called All About Me- Gracelyn!! I hope I get to meet Rick one day. He is the one who inspired me to love reading and to want to be an author. I enjoyed writing about him. For more information about Rick Riordan and his books you can visit this site htt://