STOP! You’ve Been Caught Being A Brave

The caught being a brave board is supposed to be a way to reward those who are caught being good and also to encourage people to be better so they can get their name on the board too.  Not to brag but our school is pretty good, just this time we took down the names and we had 66 people caught being a brave.  Now that may not sound like a lot but our school is small.  Now you may be thinking that it’s not gonna work on most people because what’s “in it” for you.  Well every month we take all the names down and put them in this big drawing and you win a really awesome prize.  The prize that the winners got this time is a gigantic party size bag full of Hershey chocolates.  So I don’t know about you but that’s definitely good enough for me.  If you’d like take this survey and tell us if you have anything like this at your school. 

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Ohio State vs Michigan

The Ohio State versus Michigan game has been played since 1918 (99 years ago).  This rivalry game is a college football (American football) game.  Both sides are very passionate about their team.  It has been an very long grueling time of mean, words, gestures, and looks.  But in the end it’s the beautiful sport of football that brings us together. 

Time for an poll.  You will be asked to pick Ohio State or Michigan, and you could pick either one.  If you don’t know much about this than you don’t have to pick anything or you could pick the third answer, “I have absolutely no clue”.  The game is today at 10:30 AM (if you are interested in watching it).  And I know who I’m rooting for… GO OHIO!     

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My Dream School


My dream school would be an fun, but strict place.  There would be certain days every month where the kids would learn, but do it in a more fun way.  Such as play learning games, and do word bingo, etc.  I would have positive quotes posted all up and down the halls, and make it clear to always ask questions. I would also have anti-bullying propaganda everywhere.  Their would be security cams and security guards everywhere just to bring down on the threats and issues.  I would up the ante on security also because it would make the students feel more safe.  I would have bright colors everywhere.  I would have programs for students with special needs or are more prone to bullying, to be paired up with upperclassmen (older kid’s) to prevent bullying. I would have  an student designed menu (to an extent) and some days we would have something special.  We will also give out a treat to the kid’s that have been good during lunch.

Now we are to the strict part.  I would not make a lot of rules but for the few rules, if they are to be broken their will be very strict punishments.  Such as if you were to be caught bullying you will be either miss out on fun days and not get the treat at lunch for a certain amount of time, to being suspended or even expelled.  If a student/teacher is caught drinking or smoking on school property they will be expelled, and if they are a teacher they will be fired immediately.  If a student is rude or talks back to an teacher he or she will be issued detention.  This school will love and teach discipline so much that it will even have an ROTC ( Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) for fifth grade and up.   

This is my ideal school because it is a fun welcoming place but strict at the same time, and that is my kind of school.

Now for the poll question.  Would you rather keep you school that you have or have a completely different school of your design? Answer the survey here.