Bell Schedule






     There are many subjects with different bell times at George McDowell Exchange School. This is my bell schedule. There is first period, which every class has a different first period. Then there is second period, where classes branch off. It branches off three ways: you can go to band if you are in band, you go to choir if you are in choir, and if you are not in those two, you have guided study. Next is third period, being followed by another fork. If you have Lunch A, you go straight to lunch, then fourth period. If you have Lunch B, then you go to lunch when the bell in fourth period goes off during fourth period, then head back to fourth period. If you have Lunch C, then you stay in fourth period all the way, with an added ten minutes, until the bell rings. After lunch is fifth period. Yet again the classes branch off into art and technology. If you have art for first semester, then you have technology for second semester. Same goes for the other way around: if you have technology for first semester, then you have art for second semester. Afterwards is sixth period. Personally, this is my second favorite period, as it is the last period of endless onslaught of pain (I mean, yeah, knowledge is great, but it’s too much for me each day!). Then there is WIN period. WIN stands for What I Need, as it is sort of like a second guided study. It is my favorite period, as we leave as soon as the bell rings, signaling the end of the school day.


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