A Day in The Life at McDowell

A day at McDowell is different for every student that goes here. Some students may have math for first period or science or any other subject that is taught at McDowell. But for this post I’m just going to tell you about what a day at McDowell is like for me.

My day at McDowell start off with advanced Language Arts for first period, which is taught by Mrs. Caudill and lasts for 53 minutes. Next I go to Choir where I learn to sing… that’s it, not sure what else you were expecting, its Choir. My Choir class is taught by Mr. Neff and lasts for 50 minutes. Then I go to math, in math, well, we do math that’s pretty much it. My Math teachers name is Mrs. Riddle and it lasts for another 50 minutes.

Now for the best time of the day, lunch. there are 3 different lunch periods, lunch A, lunch B, and lunch C. I have lunch A, the earliest lunch starting at 10:30. The lunches that are served can range from hamburgers to pizza to even Asian chicken. After lunch I go to Technology. In technology we have stations, these stations include, VR expeditions, skills and research, arduino, and video production. Technology is taught by Mr. Barnes and is the longest class at 1 hour. And now for 5th period, Science. Science is my 2nd favorite class and is taught by Mrs. Ross and lasts 50  minutes. Next i go to my favorite class Social Studies. Social Studies is my 6th period class and is taught by Mrs. Griffey and lasts for 50 minutes.

Then there’s 7th period. Everybody that goes to McDowell has this and it is called WIN period (What I Need) And in this period everyone gets a chance to get homework or any other things that students may have to do

The Snowman, Movie Review

        Earlier this month I went and saw the new thriller  The Snowman  in theaters. The movie is based off of the novel by Jo Nesbo and is about Detective Harry hole (the movie’s protagonist) who teams up with a brilliant recruit to help him with hunting down a killer known as the snowman killer, who leaves snowmen at the crime scenes where he murders his victims.  Now i’ll try not to spoil too much before I start my review but in the beginning of the movie a woman goes missing and a snowman is left at the scene. This causes Harry to remember a note he received a little while back that reads “mister police, you could’ve saved her i gave you all the clues” this causes him to remember the serial killer cases that he has solved and how some of them give you clues on how and when they take their victims. After this part in the film the rest of the film is of Harry tracking down the killer. in my personal opinion I thought the movie was pretty good but it just didn’t do very good on the delivery, but before I dig too deep on my own opinion I will give you some things that professional critics have said about The Snowman. Jonathan Pile from EMPIRE says “A case of missed opportunity. It references all the right films, but The Snowman comes off as a pale imitation.” while I would not be so harsh on the movie, I do halfway agree with what Jonathan says here. Christopher Orr from The Atlantic says, “For a while, it sinks into your bones. And then it just sinks.” this review is probably what would come closest to how I felt about the film. Now let us get into my opinion, the best way I could describe my feeling toward the movie is this, while I liked the premise and story of the movie, I felt it just failed to deliver correctly what could’ve been a great film that people would talk about for a good while. The thing that i most disliked about this movie was how it ended. It spent so much time trying to get you to know everything, it had no time to deliver a thrilling climax like I expected it to. It ended very abruptly with almost no explanation to how the climax of the movie began. There was more conflict in the first 30 minutes of the movie than in the climax where, I feel should be the most conflict to make a great drama/thriller like this movie was supposed to be. Now remember these are just opinions so do not think of them as how you should view the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie and aren’t planning on seeing it, I highly think you should, it is a very good movie it just has a few weak points. To wrap it all up The snowman had potential but, to me, did not live up to the expectations I thought it would.

(Image from) https://www.flickeringmyth.com/2017/07/first-poster-for-jo-nesbo-adaptation-the-snowman/