New Chromebooks For The District!

At McDowell we have small computers that we used for class. The computers that we use are called Chromebooks. Chromebooks are super easy to use. To sign in you simply use your google account. If use don’t have a google account then you can make one. If you do not want to make a google account then you can just browse as a guest.

McDowell and the rest of the district have been using Chromebooks for about threes years now and has just bought new Chromebooks. I do not know the exact number of Chromebooks that were bought, but I did help unload them. There were five pallets and it took all morning to unload them.

The new Chromebooks are nicer than the original Chromebooks that we had. The screen has better quality and they load faster than the original Chromebooks too. The old Chromebooks were also getting old and worn down. The screens were scratch and on some the keys would not work very well.

Getting new Chromebooks is something I never expected to happen. I am even more surprised that we are getting Chromebooks for the whole district.


Boy’s Basketball Teams Win Again!

Boy’s Basketball

The boy’s basketball teams have made it halfway through the basketball season. The 7th grade basketball teams record is 9-1. The 7th grade team is currently in 1st  place. The 8th grade teams record is 7-3, and they are in 4th place. They next games are January 25th, January 27th, and January 29th. All of those games are home, and will be played in the high school gym. The schedule for the rest of the games is on the Mcdowell website. Click here to go to the website.

Last night the boy’s teams played Fairfield Union. Both teams won their games. The 7th grade team won in overtime 28-30. The 8th grade team won 46-27 . The next team the boy’s play is Amanda. Come out and support the boy’s basketball teams! The 7th grade team starts at 5 and 8th grade game follows.

Student Athlete’s Class Expectations

Here at McDowell the athletes have higher expectations than the other students. If the athletes want to play they must keep their grades up. All athletes can only have one F. If they have two F’s then they can not play in the next game or they might even get kicked off the team. In my opinion I don’t find it hard to keep my grades up, so I am not worried about it. Other student athletes have different opinions.

Owen is going to play basketball and says that the grading requirements should be lower. He thinks that it isn’t fair. I agree with him but at the same time I don’t. There are some really good athletes that could have been in pro leagues but their grades weren’t good enough. If they don’t get good grades and want to go to college they won’t be able to. Gavin played football says he has no problem with the grading expectations, and thinks they should stay the same.

At McDowell we have lunch detentions and getting suspended. If an athlete got lunch detention or got suspended they most likely won’t we aloud to play the next game or might even get kicked off the team. My opinion on these behavioral expectations is that if an athlete gets lunch detention they should be given one more chance, if they fail to behave then they get kicked off the team. Athletes are also expected to go to every practice unless they have a reason for not being able to go. For example they might have a doctor’s appointment, or a family member might have died.

The athletes at McDowell have high expectations. If the expectations are not met the there will be consequences. So it is important that the athletes follow the expectations that the schools and coaches set for them. Tell me what your grading expectations are by taking this survey!

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7th and 8th Grade Football

At the Logan Elm Middle School there is a 7th and a 8th grade football team. Both teams had a good season, and both teams had 15 players. Having 15 players is pretty good at our school, because we usually don’t have very many people that play football. If there weren’t enough people to play on the 7th grade team they would just move them up to play with the 8th graders. It is the same way if there wasn’t enough people to play for 8th grade.

The 7th grade coaches are coach Holbert and and coach Hart. On Monday 7th grade played the championship game against Bloom Carroll. Sence Logan Elm won there is a three way tie between, Hamilton, Bloom Carroll and Logan Elm. The score was 34-6. The 7th grades record for the season was 5-1, they lost to Hamilton. Logan Elm’s QB Tanner scored 3 touchdowns, and the tailback Blayton had 23. Their fullback Gavin had 1 touchdown, and their tight end Zack scored 1.

8th grade did not make it to the championship. There season record was 3-4. It’s not the best record but they beat Circleville 40-0. (Logan Elm does not like Circleville.) Their quarterback is Garret, their tail back is Matthew had about 4 touchdowns, and their fullback is Tristan. The 8th grade coaches were coach Barnes and coach Shepard.

Overall both teams had a good season. I had a fun time playing for the 7th grade team, and Practicing with the 8th graders. I am looking forward to playing next year. I am also looking forward to practicing with the 7th graders next year. The 8th graders will be freshman and play for high school if they decide to play next year. That is a recap on the 8th and 7th grade football seasons.

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