Give Thanks for Thanksgiving!

There is one day every year where many American people get together with their family, friends, and maybe even someone that they just met.  They make a big turkey (or a ham for some families) and many other food items.  After the food is all made they sit together at the table and enjoy their feast.  This special day is called Thanksgiving.  Today, families still eat many of those various types of food that have been enjoyed for many years. The average American person eats 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day!  On a regular day people eat much less, 2,000-2,500 calories a day which is only half of what people eat on Thanksgiving Day.

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621. That was 396 years ago!  The first Thanksgiving consisted of ham, lobster, clams, berries, etc. Considering the time when they made those things, it sounds like it would take a while to make. To prepare that food you couldn’t just go to the store and buy what you wanted.  Instead, they had to go hunting, gathering, and have a fire to be able to cook their food. There was so much work that was put into that day. In the end, I bet they had no regret for starting a tradition that has lasted for such a long time.

Have you ever thought what life would be like if we did not have Thanksgiving Day?  I think it would be bad. First of all, we would not have a day off school or work.  I would still be sitting in a chair rather than being at home with my family.  I also wouldn’t get together with my family near the beginning of winter to make a lot of food.  Finally, I wouldn’t be allowed to be lazy all day and instead would be yelled at to get up or go outside.  I am  very thankful for Thanksgiving Day.

Dogs VS Cats

     Hello! Today my blog post is going to be about the difference between dogs and cats and review the pros and cons of each of them.  I personally Prefer dogs over cats so I apologize if I favor dogs and choose sides in this post.

     Some of the pros pros cats is that it is SUPER easy to take care of them, I understand that you don’t want to be that crazy cat lady from the Simpsons but you could easily have a lot of cats with little work to take care of them.  One of the other pros but some people would consider a con is that if you have mice,moles, etc cats will take care of that.  Some of the cons with cats is that they are not nearly as affectionate or loyal as dogs. Another con with cats is that they will sometimes bring dead animal to your house and if you’re not looking you could step right on the corpse.  One more con for the cats, a lot of them aren’t very social

     Now some of the pros for dogs is that they always crave your attention and want you to be happy all the time, they are like little siblings.  Another pro for dogs is that there are different types to fit your preference.  One more pro for the dogs is that you can teach them tricks.  Some of the cons for dogs are, They are harder to take care of, for example you have to potty train them to use the bathroom outside.  Another con for dogs is that they are a lot louder, and the different breed you have the more or less it will bark, for example I have two guard dogs and they bark much more than  most other breeds, but a guard dog is also a pro because they protect your home.

     So there it is, Dogs VS Cats. I hope you enjoyed!


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Spectacular Summoner Series

Do you love fantasy books full of action, adventure, and magic?  If so, you should read The Summoner Series, by Taran Matharu.  This series, so far, is a trilogy (a series of only three books), featuring The Novice, The Inquisition, and The Battlemage.  I recently finished The Battlemage, and I cannot wait for the next book to be released.  Anyways, enough rambling, here is a little background information about the series (with no spoilers).

Firstly, all of the basic information in The Summoner Series: the setting, characters, storyline, etcetera.  The story is about a boy named Fletcher, who was abandoned by his parents as a baby. He was left in front of the gates of a city called Pelt.  Eventually, when Fletcher was older, there was a festival where a group of travelling merchants occupied the city of Pelt.  Fletcher bought a strange book that was all about demon mythology, and he accidentally…  The only other thing that I can say without spoiling the series is that the story takes place in the Medieval Times (buildings were made out of stone, territories were divided into villages, and most people were pheasants).  If you want to know more, read the series, it is well worth it!

Now, my opinion on The Summoner Series.  Personally, I love the series so much. In fact, The Summoner Series is one of my favorite book series of all time.  One thing that I especially love is how descriptive the author is during action/fighting scenes.  During these scenes, the author uses words that make the writing easier to imagine.  However, there is only one thing that I kind of dislike about the series, the cliffhangers.  At the end of each book, the author leaves each book on a cliffhanger, but this does make me even more anxious for the next book to be released.  If I had to rate The Summoner Series, I give it five stars.

All in all, you should definitely read The Summoner Series.  From the amazing storyline to the very descriptive action scenes, The Summoner Series is a great book series to read.  The occasional cliffhangers will have you dying to read more.  So, if you are looking for a great read, you should check out The Summoner Series, by Taran Matharu.

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What Is Your Family Like?…

Families all around the world differ in so many ways.  In ways of tradition, religion, and just everyday life.  Families aren’t always the same at home as they are out in public. Some families have very strict rules while others don’t have hardly any, then there the ones in the middle.  The way families celebrate traditions, do their religion, and just anything in general is really in their own unique way.  They get passed down from generation to generation and they just continue on.

What is your idea of a tradition?  Your idea may not be the same as the person next to you.  Have your ever even thought about how other people celebrate the same traditions you do but maybe in a completely different way.  An example of two different traditions are mine and my friend’s.  For New Years Eve my family watches the ball drop on T.V. but while we wait for the count down we play board games and make a lot of food, then my dad and I open a present since both of our birthdays are on New Years Day.  While my own friend celebrates it by being with her family and friends in a cabin watching the ball drop.  How would you celebrate New Years?

Now on to holidays. Something everyone loves right?  There are presents, good food {my favorite part of the holidays}, music, games and just so much more to celebrate.  Although holidays can be fun, they can also be very stressful at the same time.  I only know this because I have such a big family. By the time it comes to an actual holiday it can be a little stressful.  Trying to get nine people to get out the door, in the car, and actually pull out of the driveway before someone realizes they forgot something is a pretty hard task for my family.  But anyways, some different holidays are Chinese New Year, Christmas, and even Valentines day are just a few of them there are so many more than that.  The way they celebrate Chinese New Year is by making big dragons and going around dancing  and listening to music.  To learn more just research about it because you might even find it interesting.

Holidays, traditions, family fun and good food all together in one.  Everyone’s family differ in almost every way but it only makes them better.  In ways of tradition and holidays and so many ways that I can’t even name.  So whenever you think your family is weird, just remember that there is a family that has you beat.  Think about how you celebrate traditions and holidays differently from other families.

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Local Heroes of McDowell!

Local Heroes! 

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day so I’m going to base this post on this honoring day. Veteran’s Day is a day in America to honor people that had been through war, to honor the deceased and living Americans who sacrificed their lives for the citizens and children. To give us the rights we have and to protect us from harm. Anyone could be a veteran, most likely grandparents. But, from the research I dug up, every year, more than 180,000 people join the Army.

180,000 American citizens fighting alongside our allies for the U.S.A. But only one day a year is dedicated to veterans all over America.

That’s where this idea popped into my head. Appreciation of Local Heroes! A weekly contest where students can gain a ‘Tomahawk Ticket.’ A red slip of paper with our Logan Elm mascot on the side. With places to put the date, name of student, and what they did to earn this opportunity to get some appreciation. Each Friday, we will have a drawing over the speakers in WIN period, if the student’s name is called, the student can choose a piece of Logan Elm merchandise. If they don’t want merchandise they can choose some candy(or something else permitted by the school.) Logan Elm is a school of kindness and smarts. Every single student in the Logan Elm district has a chance to be called out for being a good person. Tomahawk Tickets aren’t supposed to be popularity statuses, they’re to show that everyone can be good for their community.

Like soldiers, they’re GREAT for our community. Soldiers don’t just have to be in the army, anyone can be a hero. Your mom, dad, sister or brother, aunt and uncle, anyone! Your mother can be a hero by helping you with work. Your hero can be anyone, my hero is my dad because he gets rid of the spiders in the house. Heroes are everywhere. Veterans, parents, even other students. That’s why I want to introduce this idea. To expand acts of kindness through McDowell and all through the states. In conclusion, Tomahawk Tickets are a way to present students and Veterans alike. This author is signing off! Bye!

Logan Elm Mascot

History of McDowell

George D. McDowell Exchange school was built in 1971 and using info from the McDowell School Site, I know that the school was named after former Pickaway County Superintendent, George D. McDowell. The text states, “Originally, the building housed all of the Logan Elm District’s kindergarten classes, seventh and eighth grade classes and various high school classes. Thus, the term “exchange school” since the building was used for a variety of grade levels. Today, the building is primarily used as a junior high, although some high school classes still meet here. Explaining that multiple classes are taught here, but only 7th and 8th grade classes are taught.

The McDowell site is very helpful when finding information about McDowell. As you read on, you learn that in the text, it states that;”Our building currently serves approximately 380 students in grades seven and eight. We have a staff of 28 teachers, one guidance counselor, a school nurse and two secretaries. Mrs. Keitha Lane is our building principal, and our superintendent is Mrs. Jan Broughton.” The teachers at McDowell Exchange school are all very kind and generous.

More about McDowell, students can take 4 main classes, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Students can take extra curricular classes like band or choir. More EC classes are sports like (American) Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Cheerleading, or Colorguard. McDowell is a great school rich with history.  

The Importance Of Sports In Schools

     In my school, lots of sports are offered. In the fall McDowell offers sports like Football, Cheer leading, Cross-Country, Volleyball and Soccer. In the winter we offer Basketball for both boys and girls and Cheer leading. In the summer we have Softball, Baseball and Track.

     Lots of kids are involved in sports and make it an important part of their life. I personally do Cheer for Fall and Winter. In the video below I interviewed two other student-athletes. In the video I interviewed Kaitlyn, who plays Volleyball.






Bell Schedule






     There are many subjects with different bell times at George McDowell Exchange School. This is my bell schedule. There is first period, which every class has a different first period. Then there is second period, where classes branch off. It branches off three ways: you can go to band if you are in band, you go to choir if you are in choir, and if you are not in those two, you have guided study. Next is third period, being followed by another fork. If you have Lunch A, you go straight to lunch, then fourth period. If you have Lunch B, then you go to lunch when the bell in fourth period goes off during fourth period, then head back to fourth period. If you have Lunch C, then you stay in fourth period all the way, with an added ten minutes, until the bell rings. After lunch is fifth period. Yet again the classes branch off into art and technology. If you have art for first semester, then you have technology for second semester. Same goes for the other way around: if you have technology for first semester, then you have art for second semester. Afterwards is sixth period. Personally, this is my second favorite period, as it is the last period of endless onslaught of pain (I mean, yeah, knowledge is great, but it’s too much for me each day!). Then there is WIN period. WIN stands for What I Need, as it is sort of like a second guided study. It is my favorite period, as we leave as soon as the bell rings, signaling the end of the school day.


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The McDowell Band

     Here at McDowell Exchange School, second period is an interesting one.  This is because we have a choice of what class to take during that period.  We can choose from band, choir, or just guided study.  All of these classes are a great thing to do, but today we are just going to talk about one particular class: Band.

     The junior high band is, in my opinion (I might be a tad bit biased), is a great class to take and a fun and rewarding one as well.  We are given songs which we practice everyday on our instruments, and all of that practice leads up to a big concert or parade.  Band is also a great place to make friends that we wouldn’t of made if we had not taken the class.  The band, like all school bands, is divided into three groups of instruments:  The woodwind, percussion, and brass.

     The brass family includes some notable instruments like the trumpet, trombone, and tuba.  I play the trumpet. The woodwind family includes instruments like the flute, clarinet, and the saxophone.  Finally, we have the percussion family:  The backbone of the band.  This family of instruments provide the beat of the song.  Some instruments in this family include the snare drum, bass drum, tenor drums (only in marching band), cymbals, xylophones, triangles, and…  woodblocks?  Yeah…  Anyway, in the end, it all comes down to how we sound as a group, rather than how we sound individually.

   The McDowell band is actually two bands.  One for eighth grade, and one for seventh grade.  We practice separately, but perform together.  Our seventh grade band consists of fourteen kids.  Five trumpets, one flute, one clarinet, one tuba, four drums, and two xylophones.  For concerts, we rely on the eighth grade band for trombones and saxophones, since the seventh grade band doesn’t have anyone who plays those instruments.  We have a winter and spring concert, and we marched in some parades at the local Pumpkin Show just recently.

     So, there you have it.  The McDowell band is a great class that this school offers and there are many benefits that you people gain from this class.  Anyways, thank you for reading my blog.  Comment if any of you are in band and what instrument you play.  Bye!



A Day in The Life at McDowell

A day at McDowell is different for every student that goes here. Some students may have math for first period or science or any other subject that is taught at McDowell. But for this post I’m just going to tell you about what a day at McDowell is like for me.

My day at McDowell start off with advanced Language Arts for first period, which is taught by Mrs. Caudill and lasts for 53 minutes. Next I go to Choir where I learn to sing… that’s it, not sure what else you were expecting, its Choir. My Choir class is taught by Mr. Neff and lasts for 50 minutes. Then I go to math, in math, well, we do math that’s pretty much it. My Math teachers name is Mrs. Riddle and it lasts for another 50 minutes.

Now for the best time of the day, lunch. there are 3 different lunch periods, lunch A, lunch B, and lunch C. I have lunch A, the earliest lunch starting at 10:30. The lunches that are served can range from hamburgers to pizza to even Asian chicken. After lunch I go to Technology. In technology we have stations, these stations include, VR expeditions, skills and research, arduino, and video production. Technology is taught by Mr. Barnes and is the longest class at 1 hour. And now for 5th period, Science. Science is my 2nd favorite class and is taught by Mrs. Ross and lasts 50  minutes. Next i go to my favorite class Social Studies. Social Studies is my 6th period class and is taught by Mrs. Griffey and lasts for 50 minutes.

Then there’s 7th period. Everybody that goes to McDowell has this and it is called WIN period (What I Need) And in this period everyone gets a chance to get homework or any other things that students may have to do