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Are you sitting at home bored with nothing to do? If you are I have the perfect thing for you to join….4-H! If you join 4-H there are many different things that you could do.
You can take livestock, your pet, and there are tons of miscellaneous projects that you can take like sewing, cooking, guns, archery and many more. You have to be in third grade to take a project, but if you are younger you can be a cloverbud.

To take a project you join a club. I am in a club called the Pickaway Clover Mixers. You have to go to at least six meetings. My club meets once a month. Each time there is a demonstration where one member teaches the club a skill, and each meeting ends with a snack and game. Our club also does some projects every year to help out the community. We have a food drive and collect toys for tots. Later in the year we plant flowers and help out a soup kitchen.
There is a book you have to fill out for each project. Before you can show your animal at the fair you have to go through Skillathon.
At Skillathon there is a computer test and an interview portion. During the computer part you get tested on how much you know about your animal. You get tested on the parts and breeds. If you are a beginner it is easier, but the more years you take your project the harder it gets.
In the interview you have to dress nicely, like a job interview, and they ask you questions about your animal. When you get done you go and get graded on how well you do. They give you a ribbon depending on what grade you get.
When you have livestock you have to feed and water your animal everyday. Some animals you take will also have to be walked everyday. The livestock animals that you can take are lambs, goats, cows, birds, pigs, and rabbits. When you take your animal to the fair it is there for about a week. Towards the beginning you weigh your animal in then later in the week you have to show your animal in the arena where it gets judged. Then on the very last day there is an auction and you sell your animal. You can also take llamas, alpaca, and horses, or a breeding project to show but you will not sell it at the end.
If you are taking a miscellaneous project then you will have a book to fill out about your project and go through interview judging. Later that day you will get a ribbon for your project if you place.
Even if you do not want to take a project or join a club you can still have fun at the fair. There are rides to ride, food to eat, friends to hang out with, and tons of cute animals to look at!


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  1. Nice job, Clara! I really loved your opening line, it was a great attention grabber! I agree with you, 4-H is a great activity for kids to be involved in!

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