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As a child, you always learned science in school. Well just like then your kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews are learning it as well. Earlier in the year, students were learning about life science. Students were taught about different parts of an animals cell and plant cells. The students also got to discuss the different biomes on earth, and students were assigned by the teacher there own group and biome. Students created slide presentations using google slides. I had lots of fun creating the slides along with selecting images to go along with it.

Now in our science class students are learning about the different spheres on earth. Students learn about the spheres, how they work, how they help life on earth, and what would happen without it. One of the spheres students are learning about is the biosphere. The biosphere supports all living life including humans. Another sphere that the students are learning about is the Geosphere. The Geosphere has all rocks, mountains, lava, and magma are from. It is where all of earth’s rocks are.

While learning about these different spheres we also learn about altitude and air pressure. The higher up you go into the atmosphere the fewer oxygen molecules will be around you allowing you to breathe. Students watched a video showing a man with a bag of chips driving up a mountain. While watching this video you can see that the bag seems to be getting more air inside, it seems to be getting fuller. But actually, because of the man driving higher and higher into the mountains, the particles are trying to spread out and since they are trapped inside the bag expanded. If the man were to keep driving up the bag would have eventually exploded due to the molecules expanding!

This is what students here at McDowell middle school are studying in science class.



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