Seating In Our Class

Seating in Mrs. Caudill’s class is different from our other classes. The seating arrangement in this class is very unique. There are many types of chairs and the desks are different heights. She has it that way so you can have a more comfortable chair to choose from.

There are many different types of chairs, wicker bar stools, leather bar stools, adjustable bar stools. Another type of chair is office chairs, like the ones with and without wheels, also one that has an adjustable height. The last type of seat is a yoga ball. Mrs. Caudill has about 3 or 4 yoga ball seats. If you sit in on the yoga ball you have to behave and not get distracted or distract other people.

The desks are different heights too. There are shorter ones and taller ones. To make the desks taller she puts a piece of wood and these risers that you stack up. Those make the desks taller and those are the desks that we use the bar stools for. The other desks don’t have anything stacking them up,they’re just regular desk with the office chairs and yoga balls.

We switched seats every day at the beginning of the year. After about a month of school we took a survey on google docs. You could choose between the different seats you like better. We got to choose different spots in the room that we would like to sit and the different seats that we liked better.

So when Mrs. Caudill told us about why she had different seats, she told us she didn’t think the original seats were that comfortable. So she got different seat choices. Some of the chairs that she has were free. She got them from her house or even just the ones that were donated. Mrs. Caudill told us a story about a substitute teacher that  had a chair set out for the trash by his house. Then when she drove by she picked it up.  She bought the other chairs.

In Mrs. Caudill’s class some of her chairs are starting to break, especially the bar stools. When you walk into her room, she sometimes tries to fix the bar stools. So far only one of the office chairs have broke. Our classmate was reading when the chair broke. He fell out of the chair and one of the bolts snapped in half.

So as you can tell we have a very different seating arrangement. It makes class more fun. Also you can be more comfortable while doing work.


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