Week 5 Challenge

I chose to do task 1 for the blogging challenge of making an image that shows differences.  My glass would personally be half full since I tend to look on the bright side. When I look into to my bottle of Cream Soda, I see the enjoyment of drinking the last half of the pop. 

For many people it could be different so tell me in the comments if your glass is half full or half empty?  The rest of Mrs. Caudill’s class, including me, commented on many different blogs asking questions for the challenge so please answer back on this post.

There are two kinds of people-2bek3wd

This is another poll for what kind of person you are. Click the link and answer.



  1. Nicely, done, Carson and Sam. Thanks for putting forth a little more effort for the challenge this week! 🙂

  2. Hi Carson and Sam,

    Thanks for sharing a great image. Well done with your efforts on commenting on other blogs too.

    Personally, I like to have one alarm. What about you?

    I also try to look at the glass as half full but it’s not always easy, is it!

    Keep up your great work,
    Kathleen Morris

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