Winter Sports To Fall Sports

What’s up everyone, McDowell is going through a change of sports seasons right now. The previous sports season was fall. The sports that we play during the fall season at McDowell are Cross Country, Football, Cheerleading, Volleyball and Soccer. In this report you will learn a little bit about each team and the upcoming sports.

In Volleyball, the 7th grade girls team started out really strong. The Volleyball team started their season with 3 wins and 0 losses. As the season grew longer, they gradually developed a losing season. The team had a injury that caused difficulty in executing a win. Gratefully, they were are healed by their 10th game. The team had a hard season but finished with 6 wins and 10 losses.

Our 7th grade boys Football team started out strong also. The football team won against Washington Court House, then lost to Hamilton Township. During the Hamilton game, a running back went down with an injury and broke his leg. After the Hamilton game the team bounced back and won big against Madision Plains. After that the team had a huge game against Zane Trace and winning in the final seconds 16-14. Then the football team took another loss to end the season at Bloom Carroll.  The football team ended their season 3-3. The cheerleaders were a great help and always appreciated for the support.

Cross Country is a sport that is now offered to 7th graders. The cross country season had a successful start. The boys got second in their first meet, while the girls came in 4th. A 7th grade runner, Kyle Rine, set a new personal record with 12:45. He moved up to 34th overall. At the Unioto meet every runner set a new Personal Record.The cross country season is still not over. But we will see how they end up.

The 7th grade Co-ed soccer team had a really rough season. The soccer team did not score a goal all year. So they decided to make it Co-ed, so then they scored a goal but never won. The soccer team ended their season with all losses. But the team learned a lot and will take that in advantage for next year.

McDowell is switching over to winter sports. The winter sports offered at McDowell are basketball, wrestling, and cheerleading. Tryouts for all are coming up in the next month. Girls and boys basketball open gyms start next week. All sports will be very interesting based on the talent from boys and girls.McDowell athletes are not athletes but there student athletes. Every student that attends sports can not fail two classes. At McDowell sports are important but education comes first. Athletes have practice four to five days a week, then they go home and do homework. The athletes at McDowell are dedicated. McDowell is very proud of our athletes McDowell is very excited to kick off the winter with some athletics.


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