Track Info For McDowell

Track Info For McDowell Middle School.

Do you like to run? If you do then track is for you.

Track has many different categories like 100m dash , 200m dash ,   400m , and 1600m meter or one mile dash! There are many more like the long jump and discus. Track tryouts For McDowell are in march. I will be attending this. I will likely be doing the 200m dash. 200m is about 656.168 feet! Track is a spring sport which you can probably tell from the month for tryouts. The shorter the length of the run the faster you have to be. If a run is longer the more endurance you have to have. To be on the McDowell track team all you have to do is sign up and not quit. If you do this you have a guaranteed spot on the track team. You can also join if you did not make the baseball team. Even if you did not sign up you can still be on the team. This is when, what, and where track is.  This is also how to get on the McDowell track team.


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