8th Grades Boys Basketball

For the first game of the tournament,  the Braves played a tough match against the Falcons, but one team ended up crushing the other!  Which team won?  Which team lost?  Keep reading to find out!


On Saturday,  February 10,  the Logan Elm  eighth grade boys basketball team played the Fairfield Union Falcons.  Before the game even began, something strange happened:  the Fairfield Union bus was about 15 minutes late!  Once the game finally began,  Logan Elm started off strong by winning the tip off.  At the end of the first quarter, the score was seven to four, and Logan Elm was winning!  The second quarter,  Fairfield caught up a bit,  and at the end of the half, the score was sixteen to ten,  Logan Elm winning.  During half-time, the Fairfield Union cheerleaders did some flips, and before we knew it,  it was the third quarter!  At the end of the third, the score became 28 – 23 Logan Elm.  What will happen in the fourth, though?  You can probably guess! Logan Elm wins 42-28!!!  They move on to the second round


Now I told you what happened in the game, so it’s time for statistics!


Konner Starkey- 23 points,  and 2 fouls


Conner Thompson- 1 point, and 2 fouls


Tristan Emerson- 6 points, and no fouls


Landon Long- 5 points, and 1 foul


Peyton Anderson- 3 points,  and one foul


Garret Summers-  3 points, and one foul


(The rest of the players didn’t score or foul, but they all got playing time)


In the end, Logan Elm pulled off a good game.  They will advance on in the tournament,  and if the win the next game, they’re going on the championship!  This will be all of their last games as middle-schoolers, and their last games unless the play on the varsity team, or the junior varsity team!  The next game in the tournament will be on Thursday, February 15, so be their!


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