The Pen Was Powerful Last Saturday.

                                 Logan Elm Writing Competition

By: Nathan

     This past Saturday, our school hosted our first ever writing competition.  Members of McDowell’s Power of the Pen group could attend, as well as students from Salt Creek, where fifth and sixth grade students go, and students from the high school.  The competition lasted from about nine in the morning to one-thirty in the afternoon.

     The way that the competition worked is students were given a writing prompt, and were given 40 minutes to create a story out of it.  Overall, there were two different prompts, and each grade was given the same prompt.  The first prompt was called “The Wish”, and we had to center our story around some sort of, well, wish.  

     The second prompt was centered around bugs.  We had to tell as story from a bug’s perspective, and had to tell how bugs felt about humans.  What I thought was cool was that instead of calling us by our names, we were referred to as an author’s last name, and a number after it.  For example, I was given the name “Lowry 2”, which is named after the author Lois Lowry.  Once we were finished with those two prompts, we had lunch, and were given an hour of free time before the awards ceremony.

     There were fifteen awards handed out altogether.  Each of the three schools had a runner up, and a first place winner for each of the two rounds.  At the end, awards were handed out for the most striking stories from each school.  These awards were given to the people whose stories stood out the most to the judges.  I happened to win this award for my grade.

     Overall, this competition was very fun and well thought out.  It challenged the writers, and really made us think about how we could make our stories the best they could be.  There will be two more competitions this year, but they will be against other schools.  For a competition that is brand new to our school, it went very smoothly and I hope that it will continue for years to come.



  1. This is a wonderful post. Thanks for participating, Nathan. Congratulations on winning the Striking Interpretation award for McDowell!

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