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In the second semester of the school year 7th graders will either have Art or Technology. For the students in Technology this semester they will be looking forward to using Green Screens, Virtual Reality, Coding, Sphero, and 3-D printing.


When you are using the green screen, you take an image off of the internet and make it as you background over the green screen hanging on the wall. After that you can make a news report, or take a cool picture.


When using the virtual reality you download an app, and when you open the app and put your phone inside of the goggles it will take you to anywhere so that you can look around and see lots of exotic places.


Coding can be very difficult if you have never done it before, you have to measure things very carefully. Say that you have a robot and you need to get the robot to go down a hallway, turn right, and turn left into a room. The first thing that you will have to do is count how long it would take it to go down the hallway, once you know that you test it to make sure the timing is right. You will have to do that with all the steps or you can make a hypothesis instead.


Another thing that you can do in technology is called Sphero. Sphero is a ball shaped robot that you can code and tell it what to do. If you don’t want to code Sphero you can simply tell it where you are at in the classroom and then you can use a joystick on your phone to move it around.


One other thing that you can do is 3-D printing. It is a machine that will print things that are actual shapes and you can put your hand around it. When you are trying to make an object, you will have to design what you


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  1. I think the 3-D printer is just the most amazing thing! Endless possibilities for this in the future!

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