12 Days of Christmas

At McDowell Exchange School, since the past week, through this week and the next, we have been doing something called the 12 Days of Christmas, and this is just something festive that McDowell chose to do. During the 12 Days of Christmas, for each day we have to wear something festive or of the Winter category for that day. For instance, as the picture shows, one day we had to wear ugly/regular Christmas sweaters, which may I say, some of them were highly amusing.

The first week started on Wednesday, December 6th, and you had to wear the colors red and white for a candy cane design. A couple of the kids even went as far as to put red spray-on hair dye on! Not very many people participated on the second day; you had to wear Christmas socks, and unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the people who did wear them. As I mentioned above, for December 13th, we had to wear the ugly/regular Christmas sweaters, which was my favorite. One girl had a sweater that had a reindeer body coming out of the front of it, and was surrounded by a wreath! Her’s is shown in one of the pictures I took, as well as a bunch of other people.

Of course, not everyone participated in all, or any of the days, as they didn’t want to, or they just didn’t have the items required. Me, as unfestive that I am, only participated in the Christmas Sweater day so far, will be the only one I actually do anything with. The only days we haven’t done yet are Christmas Headgear, and Festive Day. On Christmas Headgear, you, as it sounds, have to wear any kind of Christmas hat, as long as it’s appropriate. On the last day, Festive day, all you have to do is wish people a Merry Christmas, and spread Christmas Cheer.


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