Local Heroes of McDowell!

Local Heroes! 

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day so I’m going to base this post on this honoring day. Veteran’s Day is a day in America to honor people that had been through war, to honor the deceased and living Americans who sacrificed their lives for the citizens and children. To give us the rights we have and to protect us from harm. Anyone could be a veteran, most likely grandparents. But, from the research I dug up, every year, more than 180,000 people join the Army.

180,000 American citizens fighting alongside our allies for the U.S.A. But only one day a year is dedicated to veterans all over America.

That’s where this idea popped into my head. Appreciation of Local Heroes! A weekly contest where students can gain a ‘Tomahawk Ticket.’ A red slip of paper with our Logan Elm mascot on the side. With places to put the date, name of student, and what they did to earn this opportunity to get some appreciation. Each Friday, we will have a drawing over the speakers in WIN period, if the student’s name is called, the student can choose a piece of Logan Elm merchandise. If they don’t want merchandise they can choose some candy(or something else permitted by the school.) Logan Elm is a school of kindness and smarts. Every single student in the Logan Elm district has a chance to be called out for being a good person. Tomahawk Tickets aren’t supposed to be popularity statuses, they’re to show that everyone can be good for their community.

Like soldiers, they’re GREAT for our community. Soldiers don’t just have to be in the army, anyone can be a hero. Your mom, dad, sister or brother, aunt and uncle, anyone! Your mother can be a hero by helping you with work. Your hero can be anyone, my hero is my dad because he gets rid of the spiders in the house. Heroes are everywhere. Veterans, parents, even other students. That’s why I want to introduce this idea. To expand acts of kindness through McDowell and all through the states. In conclusion, Tomahawk Tickets are a way to present students and Veterans alike. This author is signing off! Bye!

Logan Elm Mascot

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