Subjects at McDowell

McDowell Exchange School is a school for 7th and 8th graders who live in some parts of Circleville, Laurelville, and a little bit of Pickaway County. McDowell was actually named from the previous Pickaway County superintendent, George D. McDowell, and McDowell Exchange School was to honor his name. Instead of having the name McDowell Middle School, and having Exchange instead of Middle, it was because McDowell has previously had classes for Kindergarten, 7th grade, 8th grade, and some high school classes, and even now it only holds 7th, 8th grade, and some of the high school classes.

Some of the subjects that McDowell offers are Advanced, and regular Language Arts, Advanced, and normal Math, Social Studies, Art, Technology, Science. With the advanced classes, you don’t really have to do more challenging things, your class just moves on past the current lessons faster than the normal classes. You usually have a lot more work in the advanced classes than the regular classes because the teachers can, and will expect more work and work quality out of you. And trust me, it isn’t that fun when you get homework in math on the weekends, and the normal classes don’t.

Another thing that McDowell offers between for a choice is Guided Study, Choir, and Band. Guided study is when you are assigned a class to go to and it’s basically a place to get all of your homework, or extra classwork done. I have it in second period so I usually have to just read, or play a computer game. Choir, is as you can guess, singing, where you do vocal exercises to perfect your singing voice, and you sing songs with the Altos, who can only do high pitch, Baritones who can only do low pitch, and Sopranos who, of course, can do high and low pitch.

I don’t know much about Band, but I know that you can choose it out of the three choices that I mentioned before. In Band, on the first day, you can choose an instrument out of the choices McDowell offers, or, if you play the trumpet, you have to bring or buy you own. Band and Choir, are actually two different things, even though they sound around the same.

(Image Credit from: Circleville Herald)

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