If I Could Make My School Better

If I Could Make My School Better


What would you do to make your school better? If I could make my school better I would have half days Monday and Friday. I would also have a class to teach the German language.  I would also have the bell ring later in the mornings. I would also have gym for seventh grade.

The reason for for half day Mondays and Fridays is people do not want a full day on these days. On Monday people do not want to go so, have a half that starts in the afternoon. On Fridays people want out early so they start the weekend off earlier.  

The reason I want the German language to be taught is because I know a lot of people who want to learn it. I also want to learn the German language. I think it is a very fun language because words like noodle in produced noodlen.  

The school needs to have the morning class bell ring later because when I get off the bus I have to run to make it to class on time. And if you think I am not the one that has this problem because there are a lot of people on my bus. There are also buses near my bus. There are also a lot of late buses at my school. Every morning there are at least two buses late every morning. If the bell is later they might get to class on time.

I think the seventh grade should have gym because we need to be active. We sit all day and need a time to run and have fun. If I could have a break like that in a day I might not be so impatient.  Which mean I might be a little nicer.  I would also pay more attention. I think that would go for more than one person.

This is what I would improve at my school and why.  


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