History of McDowell

George D. McDowell Exchange school was built in 1971 and using info from the McDowell School Site, I know that the school was named after former Pickaway County Superintendent, George D. McDowell. The text states, “Originally, the building housed all of the Logan Elm District’s kindergarten classes, seventh and eighth grade classes and various high school classes. Thus, the term “exchange school” since the building was used for a variety of grade levels. Today, the building is primarily used as a junior high, although some high school classes still meet here. Explaining that multiple classes are taught here, but only 7th and 8th grade classes are taught.

The McDowell site is very helpful when finding information about McDowell. As you read on, you learn that in the text, it states that;”Our building currently serves approximately 380 students in grades seven and eight. We have a staff of 28 teachers, one guidance counselor, a school nurse and two secretaries. Mrs. Keitha Lane is our building principal, and our superintendent is Mrs. Jan Broughton.” The teachers at McDowell Exchange school are all very kind and generous.

More about McDowell, students can take 4 main classes, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Students can take extra curricular classes like band or choir. More EC classes are sports like (American) Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Cheerleading, or Colorguard. McDowell is a great school rich with history.  

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