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The NBA season is just getting underway and there has been a lot of changes to the teams this year. That is what I am going to be writing about and I will also be writing about the NBA summer league and as well as the NBA draft.

The offseason started off with the NBA Draft. The Draft was on June 22ed at 7:00.  In my opinion, the draft was a great success. The teams who had the top picks in the draft were, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the third pick in the draft was made by the Boston Celtics. The 76ers took Markelle Fultz in the 1st pick in the draft. Markelle was a guard from the University of Washington. The second pick of the draft the LA Lakers picked Lonzo Ball. Lonzo was also a guard, he played for UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). I will talk more about him later on in the reading. Then with the third pick in the draft, the Boston Celtics pick Jayson Tatum. Jayson was a forward out of the University of Duke.

The second thing that happened in the offseason was the NBA Summer League. The NBA Summer League is for players who are rookies or for second-year players. There are three leagues in this. There is the Orlando, Utah, and Las Vegas league. The Orlando league is for NBA teams from the east coast team. The Utah league is for teams for the Midwest teams. Then finally the Las Vegas league is for the teams on the west coast.

The summer league ran from July 1st to July 17th. There are a total of 13 games spread throughout these dates. The points leader for this year was Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz. The rebound leader is Matt Costello from the Minnesota Timberwolves. And finally, the assist leader is Lonzo Ball from the Los Ange Lakers. Then there is named an MVP (most valuable player) who was the best players out of all the players in the league, and that player was Lonzo Ball.

There has been a lot of changes this offseason to this year’s teams. From the NBA draft to the NBA summer league. Also, don’t forget there’s still a lot of time to go this NBA season.

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