Brave Builders

This year at Logan Elm, our counselor Mrs. Bunting chose me to be in the Brave Builders Club. This club is all about spreading positivity throughout the school year. So let me tell you first about what it means to be a brave builder. Being a brave builder means that you want to help people and you want to spread positivity not because you are told to but you want to do it. It also means that you care about your school and want to make it better. Second, I want to tell you about what we do in this club. We have only had a couple meetings so far but here are things we have done. We have made posters with inspirational quotes and have hung them on the walls. We have also went to the art benches outside of our school and painted pumpkins for our booth at the Pumpkin Show this year. At this last meeting we have made posters for drug free month. I am really excited for things that we are doing in these upcoming months like, making card for Valentine’s Day and tie dying t-shirts. Lastly, I want to tell you why I like this club. I like it because we do a lot of fun things and I like helping people and having a fun time doing it. I also like it because it gives me something to do and something to look forward to. In conclusion this club is really fun. I feel like this club gives students an opportunity to do something good for other people and enjoy having a fun time with friends and doing things for our school at the same time. Like I said I am excited for things we are doing in these upcoming months and I hope we can make this school year fun! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog! If you did enjoy it leave me a comment below and I’ll see you later!

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    • Madison,
      Thank you for commenting on my post! I am glad to hear that I am spreading positivity through the school.
      Your friend,

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