Spirit Week at McDowell

Hi, everyone! Rachel again. This is my second post for McDowell Media, and I am very excited. So, how about we get started!

Every so often here at McDowell, we have a “Spirit Week.” This is when the student council comes up with fun clothing ideas for students to wear. For example, Monday this Spirit Week was “Pajama Day.” The other days were “Twin Day,” “Wacky Wednesday,” and “Neon Day.” The final day on Friday was “Show Your Braves Spirit Day.”

My point is, this Spirit Week was a big success! Though few did not participate, the majority did, and it brought out school spirit through all of McDowell! As I looked around, probably most people took part in Friday’s theme, “Show Your Braves Spirit Day.” That day, many people wore school colors or a shirt with our mascot on it.

For those who took part in all five days (which were quite a few), their names were put into a prize drawing. Three names were chosen to win McDonalds, Amazon, or Walmart gift cards.

During each lunch period throughout Spirit Week, Student Council took pictures of everyone who was wearing the theme for that day. Kinley was the one taking the pictures for my lunch period. Since I sit beside her, I got to see the pictures taken. I liked looking at them because a lot of people were acting goofy, and I enjoyed seeing them having a good time.

Not only the students were participating in Spirit Week. Some of the teachers and staff were too! It was fun seeing my teachers dress up silly during school. Probably the least amount of staff dressed up for either “Pajama Day” or “Wacky Wednesday.” The majority of them, like the students, wore school colors for “Show Your Braves Spirit Day.” So, as you can tell, everyone in the school had a fantastic Spirit Week from everyone spreading their Braves spirit throughout the school!

This was my post about Spirit Week at McDowell Middle School. Did you enjoy it? Leave me a comment down below, so you can tell me what you think. Until next time!



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