Top Ten Strangest Animals

 My name is Josie I am going to be writing a post about the top ten strangest animals.  Now the animals might not be that strange to you but according to www.boredpanda.com and divaboo.com the animals I am about to tell you about are pretty strange.  I am going to start with number ten then go down.  I am going to be telling you about animals all over the world and even some that live in the ocean.


  1. The first one I am going to tell you about is the Fossa!  Fossas live in Madagascar.  The can grow up to be six feet long but half of its length comes from its tail.  The Fossa hunts at nighttime and daytime.  The Fossas eat lemurs, small animals, fish, birds and insects.  The Fossas like to live alone but they communicative through their scent glands on their chest and making noises.  The Fossas make sounds like, mews to attract a mate, they make sighs when they find their mate and The males yowl to impress the females.


  1.  The Tufted Deer is number nine. The Tufted Deer lives in south-eastern China. The Tufted Deer can grow up to five feet long and two feet tall.  The tufted Deer is most active at dawn and dusk.  They eat mostly grass and like to travel alone.  But during mating season they travel in pairs.  The mating season is September through December.  They are very quiet animals but during mating season they make a very loud barking noise to attract a mate.


  1. The Maned Wolf is number eight on the strange list.  The Maned Wolf lives in South America in grassy plains.  It has golden-red fur a long nose and pointy ears.  They also have very skinny and long legs.  The Maned Wolf hunts at dusk and dawn.  They eat loberia and small animals.  They like to live alone unless they have a mate.  Their mating season is from April to June.  The mamma wolf gives birth to three to five pups in June through September.  But the dad stays with the mom and the pups to provide food and protection until the pups are old enough to leave.


  1.  The Giant Soft Shelled Turtle lives in Southeast Asia. The turtle eats crustaceans,  molluscs and fish.  The giant soft shelled turtle nest June through August they lay twenty to forty five eggs. These animals are,very strange so there is very little known about them.


  1.  The Aye-aye lives Madagascar.  The Aye-aye is nocturnal and likes to live alone. They don’t really have a breeding season.  The momma gives birth in one hundred and sixty days to one hundred and seventy days.  The female will wait three years before she has another baby.  The Aye-aye is classified as a rodent.  The Aye-aye eats insects and fruits but insects make up seventy five percent of its diet.


  1.  The Irrawaddy Dolphin is like any other dolphin but with no beak.  They also have a bendy neck so it makes them have wrinkles behind their heads.  The irrawaddy dolphin live in freshwater in rivers that are connected to the Indo-Pacific Ocean.  They live in groups with no less than six and no more than fifteen in them.  The irrawaddy dolphin eats bony fish,  crustaceans,  cephalopods and fish eggs.  Their breeding season is from April to June.  They are pregnant for about forteen months and then won’t breed again till two years later.
  2.  The Dumbo Octopus lives in the deep open ocean.  They live in very very cold water.  There is not very many of the Dumbo Octopus but when they interact they do not have a hard time finding a mate.  The female will carry around the eggs in her sperm for a very long time.  They move very slow swimming with their ear like fins and steering with their arms their main predators are sharks and other hungry large fish.


  1.  The Blobfish lives in Australia.  They just float around and wait for a small fish to come by then they eat it.  They are very very lazy.  They lay thousands of eggs at once then the female just floats above them.  These blobfish are really rare and very little is know about them.


  1.  The Gerenuk live in Africa.  They have a very long and skinny neck and long and skinny legs.  The Gerenuk eat a lot of tree-foliage, shrubs, creepers and vines. There is no breeding season but the mamma is peragnate for seven to six months.  The mamma and the baby only stay together for a few weeks.  But the mom waits a few years before having another baby.


  1.  They Sunda Colugo live in the southern philippines.  They are flying lemurs. They only come out at night.  They eat leaves,  buds,  flowers and fruit.  Scientist are still trying to figure out there breeding season.


 Well there you go some of the top ten strangest.  Some of those animals I didn’t even knew existed.  My favorite animal was the manned wolf.  I thought it was super cute what was your favorite animal.  I hope you guys enjoyed reading it because I enjoyed writing it.  

Let see if you can figure out which animals are which

colugoblobfishaye-aye36c84719c02b18e5f97bab3ce24f1edfdumbo-octopus-round220px-elaphodus_cephalophus_michianus_magdeburg_zoo_20-10-2012_01dkoehl_irrawaddi_dolphin_jumping220px-lightmatter_gerenukfossa_by_caroline_williams_photography                    SONY DSC

Number one: Sunda Colugo Number two: Blob Fish                                     Number three: Aye aye Number four: Giant Soft Shelled Turtle                       Number five:  Dumbo Octopus  Number six: Tufted Deer                         Number seven: Irrawaddy Dolphin Number eight: Gerenuk                             Number nine: Fossa Number ten: Maned wolf


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  1. Out of all the animals that you have listed wich is the stragest and most interesting to you. I think that the blob fish is the strangest

  2. The post was very interesting! You did not go overboard with facts about each animal. I think that the Dumbo Octopus is the strangest. Which one do you think is weird?
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  3. You have a very interesting list of a strange animals. My favorite would be the Dumbo Octopus, simply because of its unique name and cute features. Since there are a lot more undiscovered creatures out there, do you think that these mysterious creature might might exceed in strangeness with your list of animals?
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    Have a nice day!

  4. Hi Josie!
    This was such a cool post, and idea. I have never heard of most of those animals. My favorite was #10 because I love Madagascar and the Fossa. What was your favorite strange animal? Please get back to me on http://skylardgms23.edublogs.org/ .

  5. Wow, very informational! And also very funny 😛
    I think the maned wolf is the weirdest, but I also think the birds of paradise are really weird too, even though they’re not on this list. Nice writing! 😀
    Check out my blog 🙂

  6. The maned wolf sounds like a really cool animal. What is your all-time favorite animal? Check out my blog sadiegms23.edublogs.org

  7. Hi Josie, These are some weird animals. I never even heard of some of these. Have you ever heard of an okapi? It lives in Africa and it is part zebra and part giraffe. Come check out my blog:hmsjennifer’sBlog</a7!

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