Week 3- Activity 8

word-cloud-1Fall is here! That means you should get ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving, pumpkins and anything else fall related! Get ready for the Jack-O-Lanterns illuminating your front porch, and make sure you have your Trick-Or-Treat costume ready. Spooky skeletons, spiders, and bats are about, don’t forget to be hanging up the decorations all about your house. The fall clothes are in, beanies, flannels, boots and scarves. The trees are changing too, the once lime green leaves are now shades of pumpkin orange and lemon yellow, with even a few apple red colors. Months of October and November are my absolute favorite, the crisp air is so refreshing. It’s time for autumn!




  1. Fall is my favorite too Wylie! It’s not too hot and it is not too cold. The things that are worn in fall are so pretty, like a scarf skinny jeans a flannel and boots! They would look so good!

    Your friend,

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