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simone-on-beamSimone Biles is an African American Olympic gold medalist who is only 4 ft 9!  She was born on March 14th, 1997 in Columbus Ohio, and is now 19 years old. Biles also has a younger sister whose name is Adria.  Simone and Adria were both daughters to their parents Nellie and Ronald Biles.

Simone Biles recently attended the 2016 Rio Olympics and received a gold medal on her floor exercise.  Her score on the exercise was 15.700!  Biles made history on her performance at the Olympics.  She is very fun to watch on floor, beam, vault, and the uneven bars.

Simone Biles started teaching herself gymnastics when she was a little girl.  Biles had taught herself how to do back flips off her mailbox, and had started gymnastics when she was 6 years old.  Her coaches name is Aimee Boorman.  She knew that Simone had a great talent for gymnastics.

Simone Biles never gives up.  She always gives her best effort no matter what.  Simone Biles is a great role model for a lot of girls.  During the Rio  Olympics, Biles landed many of her stunts perfectly.  She makes a lot of the stunts look very easy even though they’re very difficult.  She carries a lot of confidence on the different stunts she performs and in her floor exercise and vault routines.

Simone Biles started out in public schools and then was home schooled. She graduated in 2015.  Being home schooled allowed her to work hard in the gym and on average she would be put in 32 hours a week!

Simone Biles is a close teammate with Gabbie Douglas.  Both of them have won many gold medals in different competitions.  They are good friends and cheer each other on as they compete.

Simone Biles also has four dogs and are all German Shepperds.   Their names are Bella, Atlas, Maggie, and Lilly.  She has much love for her dogs!

Simone Biles is an African American gymnast who has won many gold medals.  She is an great role model for girls and is always confident doing stunts!  She is a teammate to Gabbie Douglas and they both have really succeeded in the sport of gymnastics!  Simone is known all around the world and has made history with her performances.  I chose Simone Biles for this informational post because she is someone that I admire.  Just like Simone Biles, I encourage you to do what you love, and never give up!

I got this image from http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/sports/article/World-champion-gymnast-Biles-going-pro-6413471.php



  1. I love this post! You gave so much information I feel like I know her! Also who is your favorite gymnast on the USA team that went to rio this year? Mine is Simone Biles, thats why I wanted to click on this post and read it, so much. Check out my blog!

  2. Hello, McDowell. My name’s Jada. I’m obsessed with Simone Biles which is why I chose your blog to read. What inspired you to write about Simone? I love how you included Simone’s height in the beginning of the blog essay. Biles is really small and I should know because I met her in person once and got her signature. She inspires me in and outside of the gym. I usually attended 18 hours a week compared to Simone training 32 hours a week. She’s a beast! It’s amazing how she has a whole skill named after her last name. My forever gymnastics goal is to be at least half as good as Simone Biles. I absolutely enjoyed reading about my favorite role model. Visit me at http://2021cjs.edublogs.org to read some of my own blogs and maybe leave me a comment.

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