Tunnels series Book Review

5160arzmcdl-_sx327_bo1204203200_I have read the first two books in The series Tunnels. They are Tunnels and Deeper. I’m going to tell you what the series has been like so far. The series is about a boy named Will whose dad is a archaeologist.  Will helps his dad dig and sometimes digs tunnels by himself. Will only has one friend whose name is Chester. Will brings Chester to one of his digs(A tunnel), he dug by himself.

Around the same time Mr. Burrows Will’s dad starts noticing pale people walking around who wear long coats , sunglasses and hats. Mr.Burrows Decides to follow one but the man goes into an ally and when Mr.Burrows goes in the man has disappeared. After Will goes home he sees that his parents are arguing. After the argument Will’s dad goes down to the cellar and doesn’t come back. Later Will and Chester are walking home from school when they are chased by one of the pale people they manage to get away but they still wondered who the person was. Will decides to look for his dad and eventually goes down to the cellar to look for clues to where he could have gone. He ends up finding a tunnel his dad dug under the stairs. When Will goes to search it he sees that it has been sealed up. Will decides to go down the tunnel with Chester. They find that it was sealed up. After digging through The tunnel they find an underground city.

The rest of the books I have read so far have been about Will and Chester looking for Will’s dad and hiding from the Styx a underground cult that doesn’t like people who live above ground. That’s all I can tell you without spoiling anything. So far it has been an very exciting book series and I look forward to reading more. You can find the whole book series in the school library so you don’t have to worry about only being able to find the first books. I recommend reading them.

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