Touching Spirit Bear

Touching spirit bear is one of best books I’ve ever read. Ben Mikaelsen did a superb job, on this suspenseful, but touching book. This is a great, fun book to read, Barns and Noble rated it 4.3/5 and Amazon gave it a 4.5/5!  

This boy in the book named Cole Matthews is a 15 year old jerk. He hospitalized a harmless boy named Peter, he has no manners and there’s  more, he tried to rob a hardware store.

So after hospitalizing Peter, he goes to jail. In jail he agrees to go to this island for a year hundreds of miles from anyone and get food every few weeks. So he gets there and does some stupid stuff like burning his shelter down on purpose and tries to swim across the freezing ocean. But I will only tell you bear is involved

After that, the people bringing him food find him and take him back because he was half eaten alive. He ends up changing a lot knowing that he almost and he wanted to live a full, respected life, so he ……….

You will have to find out for yourself when you read this amazing book


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