Power of the Pen

Most of you have heard of Power of the Pen but don’t really know what it is.  So read on and your curiosity will be satisfied.

Power of the Pen is a competitive writing group.  The way it works is: You go to a tournament and get a writing prompt.  You have 40 minutes to write a short story(don’t want to get writer’s block then!).  The judges will judge based upon the Power of the Pen rubric.  Giving you point s based on “creativity, voice/unity, structure/ideas, figurative/descriptive language, paragraph/sentence structure, and mechanics/spelling.”As the rubric says.You get a certain amount of points and depending on your score you move onto the next tournament.  An example of a prompt would be, “A smile can hide something horrible, write about one of these things.”

McDowell’s team consisted of:8th grade, Josalyn Pierce, Jared Payne, Caroline Higgins, Sydney Washington, Tatum Tatman and Eric Miller.  7th grade  Grace Engel, Jensen Fissel, Kaylin Artrip, Genevieve Carstensen (me) and Rachel Townsend.The team is coached by Miss Smith, the 8th grade language arts teacher.

Our team meets up to practice every Monday and every other Friday last period to practice writing. The District tournament is at Zane Trace Middle School on February 20th. The Regional tournament is at Chillicothe Middle School on March 19th.

The official Power of the Pen site is here

pictures from: http://indiereader.com/2013/03/power-to-the-pen/

and http://www.hpl.ca/news/power-pen-2015-call-out-entries

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