Undertale is an indie game (a game made by a single developer) created by Toby “Radiation” Fox. It was released September 15th, 2015. The game is a throwback to the old turn based RPG games released on the NES like Earthbound. (Fun fact: the games overall atmosphere and art style is based off Earthbound, and the developer is known for making hacks of Earthbound).

The characters are inspired and have their own unique traits, my favorites being Asgore, Asriel, Flowey, Sans, and Papyrus.


How do you not love that face?sansasgoreasriel


No joke, not being sarcastic, Flowey is one of the evilest things ever.


This game creates a world around your choices. In battle you have 4 options; Fight, Act, Item, and Mercy. Fight and Item are exactly what you think they are, but Act and Mercy are what gives this game it’s originality.

The most I can give about the plot without spoiling anything is you fall down a hole into a place called the Underground and meet this goat lady named Toriel. Funny enough, she gives the basic tutorial. Get it, Toriel, tutorial.

I will say right here this game is weird, and when I say weird, I mean weird!

If this isn't weird to you... you're weird.

If this isn’t weird to you… you’re weird.


There are 3 main routes you can go through, Neutral (which is the first one you’ll go through, no matter what), True Pacifist (done by sparing every enemy you come across), and Genocide (done by killing 95 of every enemy in the game and killing every boss).

I love the humor in this game as well, it’s hard to explain but I’ll give you an example.





(are they gone yet?)


The ghost is pretending to sleep while saying “z”.

You’d have to see it in the game to fully enjoy it.

Here is a quick tutorial. If you want to spare an enemy, you have to go to ACT, and then choose one of the options other then CHECK. Once you repeat this a few times, (or maybe one time) the enemy you want to spare’s name tag will turn yellow, signaling you can spare it.

I will end this with one question…


If this isn't weird to you... you're weird.

Can you believe this was a flower?


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