Camp Oty’okwa

Last year in 6th grade, the whole 6th grade went to an awesome place called Camp Oty’okwa. It was a field trip where we spent 3 days and 2 nights at the camp. But since this is a post about nature, I’m not gonna talk about the cabins, the dining hall, or the barn, (even though they are awesome) I’m going to talk about the trails and the forest and the river.

imagesI’ll talk about the forest itself first. The forest is incredibly bright and green during late spring-mid summer. It’s home to incredible rock formations of sandstone, crystal, limestone, and more! It’s full of life and plants. There are mazes of naturally formed stone, and for people who are daring, small yet deep cracks to jump over (but if that’s not your cup of tea, there are plenty of land bridges). It’s also perfect for a game of hide ‘n’ seek.

SPLITROCKThe river is full of busy fish. There are salamanders, fish, and moss. There’s also a mud puppy who I imagine as the queen of the river because she’s the biggest and the only one there.


This is a mud puppy.



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