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Some of you haven’t heard of Dubstep. Some of you have. Dubstep is a type of electronic dance music (according to wiki), and can actually be made on a computer. Most dubstep that I listen to are dubstep remixes, which is when the get a popular song and remix it, add dubstep, bass, and switch up the song into a climax where they will “drop the bass” where they add some cool beats and maybe some singing. I always listen to dubstep when maybe I need motivation. When I’m running, drawing, or on a hike. Here are some links to some GREAT motivation music: Sail Unlimited Gravity Remix,  Somebody That I Used To Know, and Levels.

Classical is great music for studying. Yes, I know some of you think it is boring, but I keeps my mind awake and fast. Sometimes I can just close my eyes and I will be a artist painting an extravagant picture, or a lady at a palace ball, or an explorer sifting my way through a new land. You never know where this pristine music will take you. It also never fails to lighten my mood. It keeps me thinking, wondering, and exploring. I mostly listen to this music when I’m drawing, resting, and reading. Here are some links to classical music: The Best of Bach, Rage Over a Lost Penny, and  Symphony 9~Beethoven.

HAPPY MUSIC! Now, I have a happy playlist to play whenever I feel sad. A happy playlist seriously brings out the best in you. If I ever need cheering up, these happy, motivational songs help me find my inner optimist:  Here Comes the Sun, Warriors, and Eye of the Tiger.

Comment below what music you like!

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  1. I really like some of the songs that you mentioned in the article. My favorite is The Sail Unlimited Gravity Remix

  2. I love that one! I also like Warriors because it is by my favorite band Imagine Dragons. What is your favorite band?

  3. Great post! I really like Avril Lavinge. Her songs know how to rile me up or make me sad. Music is a big part of me. I like to sing, anywhere! And some people get annoyed, but you have to learn to block out the haters.

  4. Amen Ryan! I love music, and it is a big part of me. I play piano, and sometimes whenever I’m angry I can play loud, energetic music, and whenever I’m mellow I can play slow and soft. I love how music affects peoples mood.
    P.S. my brothers name is Ryan:)


  5. Oh guys! I thought if you liked this post, come back soon because my friend pearbear23 is going to do a Christmas song post!

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