A little snack that everyone loves. Popcorn. A buttery, salty, popped corn in a bowl. Here in The United States, we normally eat popcorn when we watch movies. For me, popcorn is a great comfort food and we can put almost anything on it! We put caramel, butter, chocolate, cheddar cheese, or basically anything that we can on popcorn. Also, we all have a favorite amount of butter on our popcorn. My friend Genevieve is normal, and puts a medium amount on hers, I put TONS of butter on mine, and my mom barely puts any on hers. People all have different tastes.

To make popcorn, we get a paper bag full of corn kernels and put them in the microwave for about 1-2 minutes. As the kernels get heated, they start to pop open to a soft yet crunchy goodness. Taking the bag out of the microwave,  we open the paper bag by the edges and dump it into a bowl to enjoy on movie night. People normally add sugary drinks (like lemonade or pop) and candy when eating popcorn. It is a mandatory movie night food.

People can use popcorn for decorations, too. During the Christmas season, some people put popcorn on strings and hang them on their Christmas trees. We also give out kettle corn (practically unbuttered and unsalted popcorn) for gifts. Popcorn has many different forms, tastes, and ways that it is eaten and used. Popcorn is life! 


    1. I love butter on my popcorn. But with the popcorn machine I have, I doesn’t get as buttery as I would like it to be. Sometimes I try it without any butter or salt, but I guess I just can’t live without butter.:)

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