Food In America

Food is an immense deal in America. It brings families together and it satisfies your life. In America we have a lot of different varieties of food. Best-loved foods are fried foods (like cheese curds), Nutella, popcorn, mashed potatoes, donuts, pies, cheesecakes and macaroni and cheese. Many of these foods are brought to American family homes daily.


Deep Fried Oreos

Fried foods are a massive deal in America. We have french fries, cheese curds (which is deep fried cheese), fried chicken, fried oreos, fried twinkies, corn dogs (a fried hot dog), funnel cakes and countless more. In Ohio, we have a fair called The Pumpkin Show, which has dozens of fried food items. If you can eat it you can fry it! But most of the fried foods in America are very good. You just have to be adventurous to try some of these peculiar fried foods.

PiesAnother favorite food is pies. So many varieties of pies are eaten in America. We savor apple pies, cherry pies, pecan pies, meat pies, blueberry pies, pumpkin pies and a lot more delicious pies. Pies usually are brought to the table at Thanksgiving, Christmas and many other holidays. Baking pies with parents is one of the joys in American families. Recipes are also handed down from generation to generation. A pie can also be a gift. It could be baked and given to someone to say sorry, to celebrate or when someone is grieving. Lots of different types food is a big part of America. It brings families together and can be a way to display love.

Pie image from http://www.charlestonbakeryanddeli.com

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  1. G’day Emma,
    That deep fried Oreo looks great – do you buy them like donuts – in half dozens or just on their own?

    • Hello Miss W.,
      Usually you can only get fried Oreos at a fair or carnival, sometimes at restaurants. But they usually come in sets of four and five.

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