Deep Fried Buckeyes an Ohio ‘delicacy’

Here in Ohio, we have a super delicious, unhealthy and sweet treat.  The Deep Fried Buckeyes.  They’re at most Ohio county fairs and festivals.  Buckeyes are Ohio’s state nut.  People make balls of peanut butter and dip them into chocolate so they look like the real nut and that’s a buckeye (the treat).  But, it gets even better, they dip it into batter and deep fry it! Once the batter has hardened they sprinkle powdered sugar and drizzle chocolate syrup on it.  So good!  When my family goes to a fair, a favorite thing of my sister and I is to get some fried buckeyes.  

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    1. Hi Miss W. Yes they are made from a sweet peanut butter and chocolate buckeye shaped treat, and they are the most delicious fair food ever!

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