David Vonderhaar Biography

If you’re a gamer you have probably heard of X-Men and Call of Duty.  Well have you ever wondered who actually designed those games?  The man behind these games is David Vonderhaar.  He’s the Studio Design Director of Treyarch (the video games company behind Call of Duty).  Although he doesn’t do all the designing himself he does direct the team that does do all the designs.

David is forty-three years old and is one of the most famous Studio Design Directors along with Howard Warshaw.  Vonderhaar was born September 8th, 1972.  He was born in Arizona.  He graduated from Loveland High School and then went to The Cincinnati College of Business.  He has been with Treyarch since he graduated from college in 1997.

David got a Twitter in 2007 and since then he has gained 500,000 followers.  He is the second most popular game designer in the United States and the sixth most popular game designer in the entire world.  Some other games he has assisted in are OO7: Quantum Solace, Heavy Gear II, and Shanghai: Second Dynasty.  Have you ever heard of any of these?  Let me know down in the comments.



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