St Patrick’s Day

On the day March 17th is when we celebrate the holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. Everytime this holiday comes around, we celebrate by having parades, parties, and wearing lots of green. Most people do all these things, but what is the real meaning of St. Patrick’s Day? Every March 17th countries all around the world celebrate St Patrick’s Day in the observance of St Patrick’s death, the patron saint of Ireland credited for bringing Christianity to the country.

St Patrick was born in 387 AD and is said to have died on March 17th in or close to around about the year of 493. He grew up in Roman Britain but was captured by Irish raiders and was told to be taken as a slave when he was a young adult. He was enslaved in Ireland for six years, while there he grew to like the spirit of Irish. He finally escaped back to his family at the age of 22 and vowed one day to return to Ireland. St. Patrick eventually returned to Ireland in his 30s.

According to legend St Patrick rid Ireland of snakes. However, it is thought that there has been no snakes in Ireland since the last Ice Age. The snakes that people say St Patrick banished from Ireland may refer to pagan worshipers or snake serpent gods.

Believe it or not St Patrick didn’t wear green. His color was “St Patrick’s Blue.” The color green actually associated with Irish independence movement in the late 18th century.

St Patrick’s birth name was never what people know him to be called. He was actually born as Maewyn Succat. He changed his name to Patricius after becoming a priest. Legend has it that St Patrick used the shamrock as what we all know as the symbol of St Patrick’s Day to explain the concept of Holy Trinity, this is by showing an unbeliever the three leaf plant with one stalk.

Therefore, St Patrick is celebrated as St Patrick’s Day on the 17th in honor of his death. He is buried at Down Cathedral, Downpatrick, United Kingdom where he is still remembered by many people. Those are many reasons why we celebrate and enjoy St Patrick’s Day!

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McDowell Spring Sports

McDowell Middle School has recently finished up Winter sports and is springing forward into the season of Spring sports (See what I did there?). McDowell offers baseball, softball, and track and field to students in the spring sport season. The baseball and softball teams will each have separate grade level teams, (7th and 8th) and track combines both grades. Spring sports are a great opportunity to get involved and have fun at the end of the year.

Baseball and softball tryouts began on February 25th for both sports. The rosters for baseball and softball are at the bottom of this page. Their first games will be at the end of March. Schedules and rosters for all sports are on McDowell’s website under each sport link located on the sidebar.  If you are interested in track and field, there were no cuts made, athletes just had to show up at the first few practices to be on the team. Track and field offers multiple events that athletes can participate in such as pole vault, long jump, shot put, discus, and obviously sprints and long distance races. McDowell’s Spring sports are all fun to participate in and so let’s hope it’s a dry Spring That’s a preview of McDowell’s spring sports.



What we have been doing in Science class from February and March!

In our science class one of the topics we are learning is the water cycle. The water cycle is very long or short process in which water travels from one place back to that place. As water travels through the water cycle there could possibly be pollutants, pollutants are when a harmful substance introduced into the ground, air or water that harms the environment or has undesired effects. There are many types of pollutants, I will not name them all but I will name a few examples such as nitrate pollutants, nitrate pollutants are when water flows through a farmer’s field collecting the harmful fertilizer into a river or creek making the water polluted. There is also point source pollutants and non-point source pollutants. A point source pollutant is when a pollutant can be traced back to its origin like oil in the ocean from an oil leak on a boat. A non-point source pollutant is when a pollutant can not be traced back to its origin.

 Our class has been working on Gizmos and, making our own water cycle. In the Gizmo we would start our water cycle from where every we wanted. We could start as water vapor in the atmosphere, the oceans, water falls, rivers etc as long as we could get the water back into the river, atmosphere, oceans etc. We have also watched a BBC documentary about water and how it moves through the environment.

We have also learned about the nitrogen cycle (Formula for nitrogen N2). The nitrogen cycle is how nitrogen cycles through the environment. The process starts as nitrogen in the atmosphere as a gas, then the nitrogen gas is taken into the ground by Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria. Then the Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria turns the Nitrogen into Ammonium in the process of Ammonification, this then is taken by nitrifying bacteria and in the process of Nitrification the Ammonium is converted into nitrates and nitrites the nitrates are then absorbed by plant or decomposers and the plants or decomposers are eaten by animals and then the nitrogen is then release from the body when we release bodily fluids.

This is what we have mostly learned about since the last blog post of mine in November of 2018. I will be planning on updating this with a newer blog post in a few weeks/months. The next blog post might be about testing or projects that my class may do in the the few weeks/months.



The Decline of Fortnite, Maybe?

     In September of 2017 Fortnite Battle Royale was introduced, and since then it has been dominating the video game industry. Very recently, a new game came out of nowhere. This game is called Apex Legends. If you didn’t know what Apex Legends is, you’re about to find out. Apex is free to play battle royale game, similar to Fortnite, it was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA (Electronic Arts). Could Apex dethrone Fortnite, well let’s  look at the evidence.


     Like I said earlier, Fortnite has been around since September of 2017, and to many people it is getting boring. Turner Tenney, also known as Tfue and to many the best Fortnite player, claims “This game is so boring, I haven’t had much fun playing Fortnite for the past month.” Tfue is very famous, as I already stated, and when he said that you may think, “Yeah Fortnite is dead.” Although Tfue may have a great influence on some players, he is not the Fortnite community as a whole. Apex may have had a burst of players gaining 25 million players in the week of its launch. That’s a pretty big number comparing to the 40 million people that log onto Fortnite monthly.


     Very recently, Fortnite’s revenue nearly dropped 50% in one month. This may sound very negative to you, and I assure you it is, but Epic Games is still making millions of dollars so it is not the end of the world.


     Fortnite has to deal several lawsuits including Alfonso Ribeiro suing Fortnite for his dance known as the “Carlton”, Russell Horning, also known as Backpack Kid is suing Fortnite for his dance the “Floss”. Orange Shirt Kid also joins the battle of Dances for credit for his dance known as “Orange Justice”. It is unlikely that any of these cases will stand up in court. Especially Orange Shirt Kid’s case because he entered the Boogie Down Contest knowing if he won his dance would be featured in the game. Although, he didn’t win, fans were so outraged about it, Fortnite put the dance in the season four Battle Pass at tier 26. Not just Orange Justice, The Floss is technically not Russell Horning’s creation! The first time we ever saw the Floss was in 2011 in a video titled “The Mashed Potato Man”.


     You may feel all of my evidence points to the decline of Fortnite. I say no because Fortnite is a very creative game, it has the graphics that many kids enjoy with the battle royale style teenagers and young adults like. I’m not saying that Fortnite doesn’t need to make changes, it does, but the issue with “The Floss” illustrates how impossible it is to track down the original creators of the dance, so on that front Fortnite will not make any changes. Fortnite is getting better, they released “Overtime challenges” so if you complete thirteen of them you get the season eight Battle Pass completely free. Also, it has been confirmed by Epic games that the X-4 Stormwings are being vaulted at the beginning of season eight. The X-4 stormwings have been an issue since the beginning of season seven due to how unbalanced the game was. Another smart move on Fortnite’s behalf was bringing back the Tommy gun in the Unvaulted gamemode. The Tommy gun, in most opinions was the best SMG or weapon in general ever in the game so fans were very excited. So, the big question, is Fortnite dead? I say, no.


McDowell Wrapping Up Ancient Greeks

This year in our 7th grade social studies class we have recently been wrapping up the Greeks. The last thing we are doing before we start learning about Romans are centers. There is about 6 individual centers. For each center there is there is a group and in every group the is from around 3-5 people. In each center there are different Greek activities to complete. I think this was a great way to wrap up the Greeks.

One of the centers was about Greek literature. In that center all you had to do was play a game on the computer. In the game you would have to read the definition of a Greek root and find a word that used that Greek root. While you were doing that you would have to record the definition of the word that you chose and the Greek root on a piece of paper. Then after everyone in your group was finished you all would each pick a word and write down the word that everyone picked.

Another one of the centers was Greek mythology. In that center all you had to do was watch a brainpop video about Greek gods and goddesses. After you watch the video you had to go out to the library and find two books. One of them had to be fiction about Greek mythology and the other one had to be non-fiction. Greek drama and theatre were also one of the centers. I  that center you play a game where it would tell you all of the places in Greek theatre. After that you fill in all of the places on a piece of paper.

In the center Greek architecture your group and you would have to list materials that ancient Greeks would have used to build stuff. When you are finished with that you would’ve had to look up buildings with Greek columns. Up on a board at the Greek architecture center there were certain building that you couldn’t use for the ones that you had to look up.

The last two centers were build a body and stuff the brains. IN each one there would be different papers that would have clues. In the body builder center you had to read the papers and stick the answers to which body the paper came from. Then in the stuff the brains center there were four papers and each one had clues about different people. There was little slips of paper that would match the papers and you would stuff them into the brains of the people on the paper.

So after we finished all of the centers we are gonna have to take an assessment on all of them. I really think the ancient Greek centers were a really creative and fun way to wrap up the Greeks. I’m really excited to start learning about the Romans!


Useful Extensions!

Useful Extensions

1. Quick Shortcuts

The extension “Quick Shortcuts” allows you to access pretty much anything at the click of your cursor including the extension’s manager, downloads manager, bookmarks manager, settings, and more. This extension makes everything easy to access from your history to being able to enable experimental features. Download Now

2. Flash Player

The extension “Flash Player” allows you to load sites and games that can’t be loaded through the Google search engine. The “Flash Player” also allows you to download the games, music and sites to your own personal “Flash”. Download Now

3. Click&Clean

The extension “Click&Clean” allows you to access literally everything at the click of your cursor. This includes accessing your history, cache, downloads, extensions, cookies, incognito, memory, privacy tests, plug-ins, experiments, network stacks, DNS, crashes, password generator, and even options so you can customize your chrome experience. Download Now

4. Shortkeys (Custom Keyboard Shortcuts)

The extension “Shortkeys (Custom Keyboard Shortcuts)” allows you to set your own custom shortcuts that can access every site and/or extension that you set it to. This extension also allows you to update chrome to its latest version so you can experience the best of chrome. Download Now

5. HackNotice

The extension “HackNotice” allows you to watch over your sites and make sure that no viruses or bugs are being linked to your sites. This extension also lets you know when someone is trying to hack your site and gives you their current location and IP address so you may report them or you could completely shut down their computer and take all of their data. Download Now

6. Encoder/Decoder

The extension “Encoder/Decoder” allows you to encode or decode web addresses, URLs, or any other site link. This shows you if there is anything wrong with the link or any bugs or viruses were linked to that website/link. Download Now

7. Pop Up Blocker For Chrome

The extension “Pop Up Blocker For Chrome” blocks any and all advertisements from showing up on the websites you visit except YouTube. It also allows you to bring back the advertisements if you would like to. Download Now

8. Adblock For YouTube

The extension “Adblock For YouTube” blocks all advertisements on YouTube and saves you a lot of time as well. Download Now

9. Google Dictionary

The extension “Google Dictionary” allows you to find the definition of any word at any time on any website you are on. Download Now


💕Will you be mine💕

     All across the world people celebrate the same holiday every year on February 14. That’s right you guessed it, Valentines day. Each year more that 62% of Americans celebrate this holiday of love with cards, candy, and flowers. February has been celebrated as the month of love for quite some time. Some of the countries that Valentine’s day is celebrated in include the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, The United Kingdom, France, and Australia. So where did the idea of Valentine’s day even come from, well let’s find out.

     Saint Valentine’s day contains some history from both the Christians and the ancient Romans. Most people believe that there were 3 Saint Valentines. One legend tells about one of the 3. This Saint Valentine was a priest from the ancient Roman times and the king at the time had outlawed for young soldiers to get married because he thought it was distracting. Saint Valentine secretly married people against the law at the time. At a later date the king found out about this and sentenced Saint Valentine to death. Other stories say that Valentine may have been killed for helping people escape from Roman prisons. One legend says that Saint Valentine was imprisoned and set the first “valentine” after he fell in love with a young girl thought to be the prison keeper daughter. After being sentenced to death Valentine worte on last letter to his love and he signed it “ From your Valentin”  which is a way we still sign valentines today. From all that we know about the 3 Saint Valentines they were all very heroic and romantic.


     Many people have been celebrating Valentines day as far back as the middle ages but written valentines didn’t begin appearing until after 1400. In the middle ages people believed that February 14 was the start of the bird mating season which is part of  why Valentines day has so much to do with romance. The oldest known valentine in existence today is a poem written in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans and it was too his wife while he was imprisoned. Many people either receive roses or buy roses for or from their loved ones. The flower sales numbers are usually in the hundreds of millions during Valentines day. People also buy roses because red is the color of romance.  Every Valentines day more than 200 million valentines are sent around the world and the week before Valentine’s day 448 million dollars are spent on candy in heart shaped boxes. One fun fact is that in Victorian times it was bad luck to sign a valentine because it would keep the person from being you valentine. Well now you know a little more about Valentines Day and how it came to be.


“ I am certainly not the romeo type… I may not say much when I am with you- but all of me loves you all the time” —- Richard Nixon to his wife Pat on Valentines day

❤Happy Valentines Day!!!❤