Word of the Year

As we are only a few weeks into the new year, everyone is making a new year’s resolution. Not in Mrs. Caudill’s class, though! This year we are doing something a little different. Instead of making a resolution for the new year, we came up with having a word of the year. The word of the year is something like a new year’s resolution, but unlike a resolution, the word of the year is only one word that will describe your goal this upcoming new year. For example: if your word of the year was happy, instead of making the new year’s resolution to be happier everyday, you could just have the word “happy” as your word of the year. My word of the year was thankful. You can see my word of the year in the slideshow Mrs. Caudill’s class made along with many other students who also have a word of the year!


Holiday Shopping Event

Merry Christmas everyone. Friday is McDowell’s Holiday Shopping Event. At this spectacular event, there will be many items to choose from. Oh yeah, did I mention that everything is just a dollar? There will be lots of different kinds of items including Notebooks, Mom gifts, Dad gifts, Toddler gifts, Pet gifts and lots of other things. Here is a PowToon that I made explaining it a bit more. Come to the Holiday Shopping Event!




Week 9 Blogging Challenge

Just some insight, I am a complete nerd, I code and build computers for fun, and I was very happy to hear that the week 9 challenge was all about one of my favorite hobbies. I was going to choose challenge 3, but it says it is for HTML code, but I don’t know very much HTML, but I am okay at JavaScript and pretty good at C Sharp. I do hope to learn more HTML though because I enjoy going on websites and seeing what I can do to them by goofing around with the code. (That only affects me until I close the tab and has no other effect)

    I chose to write about my experience with the hour of code. I did it during technology class with my good friend Sawyer, check out his blog at https://sites.google.com/loganelmschools.com/sawyerle2024/home

    I had a lot of fun with the hour of code challenge. Sawyer and I raced to see who could get it done faster, and coincidentally we finished at almost the exact same time, though technically Sawyer may have finished sooner, albeit by a fraction of a second.

We both did block coding so that it would be fair, because Sawyer cannot write lines of code, but scripting custom code takes far longer. For me, block coding is just as long and tedious as writing custom lines, but for Sawyer it is the only way he can code.

    So it was a fair race, and because block coding is not my thing, and for some reason my computer was lagging a lot, Sawyer and I…tied. Overall, I had a lot of fun though, and for anybody who is thinking about doing it, it is especially fun to do with a friend.


Hour Of Code Challenge

For my Blogging Challenge I did the Hour of Code Challenge. The name of the project I did was called CodeCraft. It was sort of like Minecraft, but there were no monsters, you could not fly and you could not dig. To see my world, mess around with it, make buildings and more, click here. Once you do, first click the book button to start seeing the world and then click the play button. In this, I learned about JavaScript and how I can change my computer. I would definitely recommend it and I would give it 5 stars .Have fun and enjoy this coding! To change what you put down, go to the bottom of the code, see what you want to place and put two slashes in front of the ones you don’t want to place. (P.S. If you want to try some coding of your own in this go on to where it says //Fancy Stuff For Fun, click that and hit new file. Then if you hit the book again it gives you information for how to code.)

A video on how to play: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12Vdsd350eU_crebpc39yV7ieXNhKtDGU/view


My Letter To Alex

This piece of writing is for the week 9 challenge for Edublogs. I am writing about a 17 year old coder. He is blind but still manages to go to school during the day and has a coding job at night. Alex is a very incredible person and very capable. So here is the comment that I wrote to him!


Hi Alex, my name is Jenna. I live in the US just like you! I am a student at McDowell middle school. I am in a technology class and we are learning about block coding. That is the only coding I have even done before. Is it anything like the type coding that you do? Do you have to use a special type of computer considering the circumstances? Also is it hard to do all of your school work and go to your job everyday? School for me is already hard enough I couldn’t imagine going to school and having a job. It so cool that you can handle both. I know that might not have much time for anything else but other than coding do you have any other hobbies? That’s all I have to say for now but if you have time you should come and visit my class blog! http://mcdowellmedia.edublogs.org/


Week 9 Challenge- Visiting websites

For the Week 9 challenge, what I chose to do is to visit the Flipboard and checkout couple websites.

By Jenna


Website #1

Name: friendly food fanatics

Hyperlink: http://kgromer2021.edublogs.org/2018/11/30/a-photo-to-represent-my-holiday-celebration/

Blog post: A photo to represent My Holiday Celebration

What was appealing?: The reason I chose to look into this website is that of the picture they had. The picture was of their family during Christmas, and since Christmas is coming soon and they posted about the holiday so I decided to see what they like to do during Christmas that is different from what I do.



Name: Nandini´s blog


Blog post: All about my Favorite Holiday!

What was appealing?: The reason I chose to look at this blog is that of the holiday she was describing. She described it as Holi, which I have never heard about so I decided to check it out. I found out about the Holiday Holi which they celebrate in India, I learned about the meaning of Holi and who celebrates it.


Name: Mrs.HartĹ› 7th-grade class


Blog post: Celebrations and Festivals

What was appealing?: The reason I chose to look at this blog is that in the title it said it was a7th-grade class. The person who posted this also talked about what her family did during multiple holidays and events.



Letter to Alex

This is my week 9 challenge for the Student Blogging Challenge. For week 9 we had 3 options. I chose to write a letter to Alex. Alex is a 17 year old who is also blind and can code! Below is my letter to Alex.

Hello Alex,
My name is Kensie and I’m a 7th grade student at McDowell middle school. At my school we learn about coding in a technology class. During one semester, half of the 7th graders have technology and the other half have art. Considering your situation, I think it is remarkably incredible that you know how to code! I, myself, don’t know how to code at all. I would like to learn though! If you have time, please reply back to me at http://mcdowellmedia.edublogs.org/